Scary Hairy

76 days until Bye, Bye. So long Maldives: according to the UN that is:

Image result for pics of the maldivesHey you guys, better leave soon or you’ll be treading water for a very long time.


If we don’t have enough to worry about comes this:

We are now entering the post antibiotics era. Too many people using them. They are now ineffective. TB coming back with a vengeance, same with Ebola, and the plague and other nasty stuff too nasty to even talk about. Head for the hills I tell you. Stay upwind from a “newfy” fart. It’ll kill ya.

A nasty bug shown here. And I thought it was a satellite picture of the Mississippi delta. Whoa. No this is nasty:

Just bend over and say aaaahhhhhhh!  Ouch.

So we’ll just add this to Climate Change, Global Warming, Yellowstone Volcano Caldera, over population, earthquakes, wildfires, floods, locusts, the bible, Armageddon, Four Horses of the Apocalypse, Revelations, Financial Collapse, Organic Food, Whole Foods, KFC, Trump, etc etc etc. No wonder people are stressed out, just like this guy:

Image result for munchThat is why I do not watch the news anymore. It is all Bull-crap.

“By the way Honey, where are the keys to our bunker!”

Sears Canada is closing. That Canadian mainstay no longer exists. Huge mall parking lots gone. The greenies are ecstatic. With Sears gone at least a million cars will be off the road. “We need more of this, bankruptcies, to further our agenda” one greenie was heard to say. Hey, can I still use my Sears Points?” they added as they were sipping their lattes.

Trump groped somebody. Dems and the WaPo, NYT and the Holly’s Woody in the Morning elite are all in a tizzy over this one. Some big shot in Holly’s Woody in the Morning is jealous. “I am jealous” he remarked as such while having his second Harvey Wallbanger. Same with a late night talk show host who was trying to get one of his skit participants to wrap their mouths around that headline. Also heard from ex guy named Weener who just couldn’t get a grip. While this was going on someone was heard to remark in the background: “I never had sex with that woman.”

Welcome to the green machine: Tesla fires hundreds and hundreds of employees. “Well, all of the subsidies ran out. I just couldn’t make payroll. It’s Trump’s fault I tells ya.”

Markle quits “suits” and skirts all rumours about her impending proposal from Prince Harry. Her socks are all in a knit over this one. Her publicist blew her top when she read about it. “Markle has a leg up on this one.” she added.

BTW, who the F%^K is Markle?

On another note:

Kate reveals the best thing about being a Royal Princess. “Yeah,” says she “I don’t have to work. I can sleep in till noon, and I can be a royal pain in the ass whenever I want to. Life is good!” Princeless!

Kaepernick files suits against the NFL for collusion in keeping him out of football due to his actions of disrespect of the national anthem.

“No, it’s the hair Dude. And those scary eyes”

An ex President’s wife admits in a Brit interview that we, Americans, just elected a guy president who admitted to sexual assault or harassment. “It is widespread and it must be undressed.” Her husband had no comment other than to say: “I never had sexual relations with that woman.” Who? With her?

“Oh but that’s different” the wife said. “He had sex after he was elected, so we had no knowledge of that prior to him being erected, er elected.” she sputtered. “Sorry my Freudian slip needs adjusting.”

Heard in passing at a diverse thought planning meeting. We need  diverse thought to solve problems: “Oh yeah, no way man, oh wait can we do this, no, shit for brains, this was, what’s for lunch, gotta go now. have to take a piss, what’s for supper sweatie, one plus one is three, no new taxes, I hate broccoli, quantum physics, quantum mechanics, me quantum, you idiot How! How about that, I don’t know, wadda you wanna do, oh I don’t know, wadda you wanna do. lets see here…………………………

A successful focus group this diversity thought process wouldn’t you say, or hear. I gotta take a leak……….. see ya.


SJ………………………Outta here.