Nature’s Gas!

71 days until the Maldives disappear. UN sources on Global Warming

Image result for pics of maldives beachesYou’re going to need those watercraft – for sure!

Canada cannot tell us what to wear. Perhaps, but they’re trying to tell us everything else we can or cannot do. Interesting that the new NDP leader, a Sikh, is against this Quebec Bill that will ban anyone from wearing a Gurkha, oops Freudian Slip, a Burkha,  or other religious garb. So, would that include this:

Image result for pics of priestsOr this:

Image result for pics of the popeWhat’s he smoking? Heard that this Pope advised Trudeau on his new initiative to legalize marijuana. It’s the spiritual thing to do man. The Pope was heard to say.

Trudeau was asked about this new controversial legislation coming from Quebec. He was coy about the whole matter although he seemed to have won the 2015 erection, oops that Freudian Slip again, on this very issue saying that Canada supports the Burkha. Liberal MP Iqra Khalid, who sponsored a motion known as M-103 to condemn Islamophobia, was brief. “I think that no person should be told how to dress or how not to dress, and that’s about it,” she told reporters. Okay, have a look at the new special ops uniform for the military. How’s this working for you.

Hey, it’s a free and open society, isn’t it?

Hey it’s all identity politics now-a-days. Not what’s good for the country but what’s good for the LGBTABC…………………s of the nation.

Japanese scientists discover huge Man Cave… oops Moon cave – on Mars? Say what?

Japan scientists say they have discovered a 31-mile-long underground tunnel on the moon that could help protect astronauts from huge swings in temperature and damaging radiation: Japan scientists say they have discovered a 31-mile-long underground tunnel on the moon.

“Trump is worse than Hitler.” This bit of journalistic fluff reported by Newsweek. Is this rag of a mag still operating?  Yeah, we’re going to believe anything that comes out of the mouth of this guy:

People watch a live television program showing North Korean leader Kim Jong Un salutes during a parade in Pyongyang, North Korea, at the Seoul train station in Seoul, South Korea, Saturday, April 15, 2017. This just in: “Anna Faris is dating again after split from Chris Pratt.” Oh, that makes my day. I have only this to say: ” Who the F*&K is Anna Faris and why should we give two S*&Ts about who or what she is dating?”

Climate Sensitivity Graph! Yeah, That’ll do it. Do What exactly? Further our understanding of the whole Climate Change thingy, that’s what!

“UK county denies taxpayer-funded surgery for smokers and the obese”(Rebel). A slippery slope that is soon to come to Canada’s health care system. But hey, free samples of weed will be given out to those turned away so that they can tune out. But hey, don’t fret because in this country you can now identify as a woman, or a man, blow weed and kill nana if she is annoying you. Progressive’s regressive I would dare to say!

This just in from the Moonbat State – California. A third gender category will soon be the law of the Mooonbat land. Binary, as in Non Binary. Binary – is a mathematical term relating to the numeral two, as in a man and a woman. Non Binary means noting or relating to a person with a gender identity or sexual orientation that does not fit into the male/female or heterosexual/homosexual divisions…………Oh you mean Eunuch?

Furthermore: “The establishment of Harems is on the increase in the Moonbat State. Governor Brown is sexstatic”…oops that Freudian Slip again…ecstatic about the whole affair. Computer Scientists and Mathematicians are all in a titzy…oops tizzy fit.. about the whole binary thingy.

This bit of journalistic fluff: “What’s Boko Haram’s Real Name?” Oh you mean the guys that wrote and played this:

Oh those other guys, you mean.

There is a boom in America’s natural gas. Changing world markets. This is being led by California’s flatulence level legislation in that all citizens are only allowed to breath for a minute out of every 5 minutes to cut back on CO2 levels. Unintended consequence here was a dramatic rise in “farts”… nature’s most natural gas!