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Maldives Redux: Wow:

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See, they know. They’re not smiling about the UN’s report that the island nation will soon be a reef. Only 68 more days.

This just out came out. From Düsseldorf. 9.7 million year old tooth from an Ape-man found near Düsseldorf in an area where the Rhine used to flow. Wow. Dentists from all over the world went ape-shit over this one. Look at that gold crown someone remarked. Remarkable. Did they use floss in those days? Another asked. This is going to change dentistry in a way nobody thought.  “Alabaster crowns…sooo cool.” Another dental surgeon remarked as he was waffling down a banana!

636441811575604579-Screen-Shot-2017-10-21-at-11.12.15-AM.jpgAnd this after 17 years of “digging.” Are you kidding me? I mean all that drilling scraping to extract this thingy. I know dentistry can be expensive and complicated but this is ridiculous. My only hope is that this guy had a plan!


Quebec passes Bill 62 forcing public to uncover faces to give or receive services. The Federal NDP leader opposes the bill: “I think fundamentally, we can’t have the state tell people what to wear, what not to wear.” But this is okay:

NDP’s suggested “beta” uniform for all  new Federal government employees. “It would promote inclusiveness,” he was heard to say. Or these new uniforms for our military Officers:

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Of course it comes in white for our Navy and Sky Blue for our candy ass Air Farce. Trudeau would be so proud.

Speaking of Tur-dope:

“Yes, I have a dream. No more…….pipelines…..” Canada goes it alone with respect to Climate Change. “Yes, I know, many countries are abandoning Paris but we will stick it out. Even if it kills us. Because after all, we may not have a culture but we are smug. And besides these new houses that I have personally designed with the help of our First Lady, that’s my wife if you didn’t know, have a fantastic “R” rating and a very low carbon footprint.

Image result for Pics of igloosSo cool. And who says Canada doesn’t have a culture?

Trudeau now stands almost alone in sincere support of Paris. The populist backlash — a revulsion at top-down governments laden with jet-setting politicians landing in posh places to preach restraint to the masses — has swept America with Trump’s election, Great Britain with Brexit, much of Europe, and Australia. In the process, global warming enthusiasts are being swept out. Canada is an outlier, to date immune to this populist wave. To date, oblivious to the lessons learned elsewhere. (Laurence Solomon, NP).

Trudeau must have read an earlier post of mine where I recommended that he agree with everything with respect to climate change; sign everything, recommend everything, attend everything then come home and do……nothing. He will become the darling of the Jet Setting Carbon hating crowd.

Only in Canada eh?  A man has been cleared of raping his wife after a judge ruled that he did not know his behaviour was criminal in Canada. His defence was that during the period of the alleged incident, he had been told to abstain from sex after having a hair transplant. A bald ass lie the prosecutor screamed. He was overruled on several follicles, er points of law. The bald judge, feigning sympathy, ruled in his favour.

UN’s WHO names Robert Mugabe as their Goodwill Ambassador. Who? No Mugabe. Who? Robert Mugabe. Who’s on first? No Mugabe’s name came up first. No he’s on second. Good gawd are we still a member of this organization.

I told ya the new math discovery was rocking mathematical thought across Canada. Montreal Canadiens’ General Manager told the team’s fans not to fret about the team’s poor performance: “Listen, we are only into year 6 of our 5 year plan.” See even the NHL has adopted the new math: 3 + 2 = 6! Just like 1+1=3.  Fantastic! This changes everything.

Libs spent $54K for a study that came to this conclusive result: Millennials don’t like being called millennials. Are we in trouble financially? Or what’s his name’s on third! Speaking of finances. From the this is so obvious file: National Posts Andrew Coyne’s writes: Morneau (Canada’s Finance Minister) shows a critical lack of judgement…wow. He gets paid the big journalistic buck for that kind of enlightening insight

And from the Doritos File comes this: The Government of Ontario announces it will make buying pot very difficult. Yeah, just like booze, cigarettes, electricity, water, natural gas……….insurance……food.


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