Monster Mash

Maldives?? Over and out of here until Nov 12th….Can’t wait.


Tunnel Collapses at North Korean nuclear blast site. Kim Flung Poos reaction:

Launch? I said lunch - Launch? I said lunch Hungry Kim Jong UnHaving a blast over this latest mishap:

Image result for pics of kim un        Let Slim show ya!     

You’re supposed to be going the other way. No wonder your tests are so screwed up.

Holly’s Woody in the Morning’s House of Cards collapsing all around them. Weinstein, now Spacey, who’s next. “Sex in the City?” Everyone’s coming out of their closets now………………..Yeah I says.

The fun loving Trump Family in costume to greet kids on the front lawn of the White House.

Image result for pics of funny trump family

Whoever dressed as the Pope nailed it. Same with the Pope’s mother. Who’s the dude in that family portrait?

Another scary leader:

Image result for funny Pics of Trudeau costumes\And his stoner family:

Image result for pics of the trailer park boys


Lesbians everywhere…..Unite:

A feminist professor at Occidental College recently argued that men must renounce their masculinity and “denounce anyone who chooses to identify with it.” Calling masculinity a “dangerous idea,” Wade argues that, “The problem is not toxic masculinity; it’s that masculinity is toxic,” adding that masculinity is “simply not compatible with liberty and justice for all.” Wade concludes her essay by urging people to “call masculinity out as a hazardous ideology and denounce anyone who chooses to identify with it,” saying that doing so is crucial for “gender revolution.”

Yeah, and reducing the gene pool. Another candidate for a Darwin Award I would hazard to guess.

From the “This is Madness” file comes this:

British ISIS jihadis returning from Syria ‘to be offered tax-payer funded council homes and counselling to stop them attacking the UK’

The plans – code-named Operation Constrain – could see returning ISIS fanatics jump to the top of council house waiting lists and offered counselling.

Yeah, that’ll work. Turns out that the Trudeau Liberal Government’s policy in handing out millions of dollars to potentially questionable dudes was used as a model for this initiative. We’ll have to wait and see how this turns out. Turns out that the city of London is now twinned with Sacramento, Capital of the Moonbat State.

Happy Halloween everyone:

Enjoy! A Canadian Hoser’s Halloween night.


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