What’s a Billion Anyway?

Maldives: Going, going, gone in 46 days, according to the UN.

See, even these guys are getting out of “Dodge”

Trump sentenced to death by North Korea……..Trump is shaking in his boots over this one. Perhaps this really is a new self defence move he is practicing:

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Take that!

Image result for pics of weird handshakes in asia pacifi meetings\I don’t know what would be worse. To be sent to death by some NK stinkpot or have to wear this:

Another dire prediction comes out of Business Insider. We’re Fooked as a planet by…………you guessed it……………………..100 years from, now. So let’s start donating gazillion dollars to third world dictators run by the UN’s climate fund. Yup, even these guys are excited about it. Or are they just excited about their new washroom logo. Hey I have to take a “dump.” “Which way to the wo-or – mans washroom. I’ll keep the lid down after I go. I promise.” eeee gads.

Stick to business guys and stop trying to save the planet one stool at a time.


a group of people standing in front of a television

There is a God after all.

Robert Mugabe, 93, and the UN’s latest goodwill ambassador is apparently under house arrest in what appears to be a coup of some sorts in Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, His wife was seen fleeing to Namibia. “No story here” she touted. “Just going on a shopping spree. Tell my babe-we, my Muga-babe that I’ll be home for dinner. Now how many Ak 47’s did he want anyway?”

Soldiers take over ZBC – Zimbabwe’s state broadcaster. We here in Canada should be so lucky! Take note CBC!

Eatery in Chicago protested by cultural miss-appropriationists because it is not Mexican enough. No the owners are of Korean and Filipino descent, providing affordable meals starting at 7 bucks. Not good enough these SJWs commented. We want Mexican, Tacos, Nachos, Burritos. Black Olives Matter you know. Besides, they don’t provide free Keopectate to consumers after a meal, like the Mexican restaurants do.

“Can I have the Burrito Combo. You know a burrito and a Molotov Cocktail?” Someone SJW was heard to order. A dangerous combination!

Venezuela economic failure and humanitarian crisis. This is where the NDP’s Leap Manifesto and other radical left-wing policies want to take us:

Image result for pics of venezuela crisis

All in their delusional effort to save the planet from ourselves. Wow!

It appears Canada’s finance minister – More-Dough – gets teary eyed while watching the  Lindsay Lohan “Parent Trap” movie with his family. I had only one word to say when I heard that one……………….”We’re doomed.” Oops that’s two words, but who says I am wrong here with the new math. See Monday’s post. Perhaps 1 + 1 is 11!

Oh, this is a good one: Typical Liberal financial smoke and mirrors:

Result Anticipated: Balance the budget over the long-term and continue to reduce the debt-to-GDP ratio. Italics are mine:
As noted in the 2017 Fall Economic Statement, the fiscal framework does not forecast a balanced budget in 2019/20. Important fiscal investments were made to kick-start the economy, support the middle class and address the long-term challenges that were limiting Canada’s potential – tax, tax, tax. more-dough for those Liberal Twins More-dough and True-dough. Especially True dough’s home cabinet drawers.

Canada is now seeing the strongest economic growth in the G7 and increased consumer and business confidence. Yeah, Italy is a good role model. But mommy my 6 other friends at school have all jumped off the financial cliff, so why can’t I? As a result, the current fiscal track shows steady improvements in the Government’s budgetary position along with a continued decline in the federal debt-to-GDP ratio. But it’s still debt you morons………..The Government will maintain this downward deficit and debt ratio track – preserving Canada’s low-debt advantage for current and future generations. Oh you mean Generation Screwed!……………………………Geesh!

That’s just the Feds. Now this coming from a province near you:

The official balance sheets of provinces across the country mask billions of dollars in debt related to a series of megaproject follies being pursued by provincial governments and government-owned power utilities. While their debt doesn’t officially appear on provincial balance sheets, taxpayers will be left footing the bill when the electricity rates needed to pay them off become so economically crippling and politically unpalatable that they will require a bailout.

The province(s) will hide that debt from its own balance sheet through a series of accounting and regulatory maneuvers.

It’s called the “Smoke and Mirrors” economic policy. That Keynesian shyte didn’t work so we have all decided to adopt the Venezuela model” one financial minister was heard to say.

Do you know what one billion is?

  • A billion seconds ago it was 1959;
  • A billion minutes ago Jesus was alive;
  • A billion hours ago our ancestors were living in the Stone Age;
  • A billion dollars ago was only 8 hours and 20 minutes, at the rate our governments spends it.

Now think about our debt to GDP ratio. That would probably take us back to the “Big Bang.” You know that shower of celestial natural gas shyte that exploded way back when and started all of this current shower of shyte that we are experiencing.

Canada has already given away about $3 Billion dollars to the UN’s climate change green fun…er fund. That equates to Jesus and two of his brothers or sisters.

Man, my head hurts

Show me the money (Zero Hedge)

30 million Americans who woke perfectly healthy yesterday morning are now suddenly in need of expensive hypertension treatments after the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology decided to lower the definition of “high blood pressure” to 130/80 from the previous trigger of 140/90.  According to Reuters, the change means that nearly 50% of American adults, or roughly 100 million people, now suffer from high blood pressure.

Colonoscopies are next!


Someone asked me once how can I come up with stuff everyday – well Monday to Friday anyway. This being the human condition it is very EASY. Daily news is the gift to me that just keeps on giving.

Don’t worry, be happy.


This from our fake news file, comes this from 1966. The Kinks were so far ahead of their times: