Every Breath you Take:

Maldives: The New Normal. Ironically, humans are now caught in a huge aquarium for the delight of the fishies. “What are they eating mommy,” one fish was heard to say. “Looks like Captain Highriner,” the mother said with that fishy lisp of hers.”

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Finally, there is a gawd. Yesterday it was Robert Mugabwe, today its Charlie Manson.

Charles Manson is in grave condition.

Time to meet Lucy, turd. I hear she’s hot!


Seeing and hearing about this makes me feel old. I can remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when his madness surfaced back in 1969. I had just turned 18.

Turd-dough has handed over control of our military, as small and as insignificant as it is becoming under his leadership, to the UN. This will not go over well. Look at those eyes. Madness I tells ya.


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is defending a new approach to peacekeeping that will hand the United Nations a key role in deciding where to deploy Canadian troops while keeping peacekeeping resources at their lowest levels in decades. See , the Liberal way: kill two birds with one stone. Scale back resources and funding for our military and turn over all decisions about our military’s deployment to the UN. If they, the UN, screw it up, then True-dope can wash his hands of the whole mess. He takes his cue from Hilarious and the Book of Benghazi……..I want my country back.

In another note look at this:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks with Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte during a photo for the ASEAN-Canada 40th Commemorative session in Manila on Tuesday.

True-dough’s just told Dirty, the Filipino Pres, that he doesn’t have to worry about a thing as Canadian Peacekeepers will be deployed though the UN to help him in his war on drugs. Dirty could only laugh. True-dope could be heard singing: Can – na – bis, That catchy ditty from out centennial celebrations back in 1967 during that awesome summer of love. He really wants to change our national anthem to the “Cannabis Forever.”

Looks like an Apocalypse Movie?

'It looks like the apocalypse': MMA workers didn't fathom it was their train burning, Lac-Mégantic trial hears Unfortunately not. This is real. The Lac-Megantic rail disaster. This is what happens when we let those radical environmentalists run loose. Ban pipelines huh? Sad.

Heard at Bonn’s COP 22. A huge cop-out fun fest on our dime. People, wake up.

Now the Pope is in on the Climate Change discourse. Stick to saving souls Pontiff and leave the planet to the experts. This lastest bit of papery comes from an organization that has a great deal of knowledge and expertise in dealing with heretics. BTW, CO2 is not a pollutant, CO2 is not a poison. CO2 is necessary for our existence on this plant. CO2 is a compound element. You exhale CO2 with every breath you take. Carbon comprises 18.3% of your body. If you really believe in what you are saying then lead by example and take yourself out of the gene pool.