Sexual Freedom

Another one bites the dust. Tambor out due to some sexual innuendo. This is the guy who parades around as a female in a series called Transparent. Transparents of the world unite against this craziness.

On another couch, er note, Bill Clinton is reportedly facing fresh allegations of sexual assault by four women, according to sources within the Democratic party. Ah those dems. Remember though if a democrat does it there is nothing wrong about it. No story here, move on.

Say is ain’t so Charlie. Charlie Rose is in on it too it would appear. PBS has stopped airing his show until allegations against him of sexual misconduct as investigated.

Wow, Sex in the City or what. Pretty soon we will not have any TV left to watch except reruns of Payton Place! or PeeWee Herman’s Great Adventures. Can’t wait for that. Or Leave it to Beaver. Oops, can’t say that anymore either.  I mean it’s only those people who have sex on their minds all the time or shit for brains that object to all of these things. I mean normal people have no problem with the word Beaver or PeeWee or transmission, or transam or,or…….

Y’know who would have thought back in the day that owning a Trans-Am would equate to being some perverted slave owner. You can’t say anything anymore. Words that the LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ want banned for their homophobic tones:

  • Transparent
  • Transmission
  • Trans-Am
  • Trans Mountain Pipeline
  • Translation
  • Transformer
  • Transcend
  • Transcribe
  • …….and many, many more.

Like the politicisation of our world, there is sexual innuendo everywhere these days. What’s next to show on the gridiron. Me thinks we will have to change the English language to Esperanto, pretty quick.

Let’s get this shyte back into the bedroom where it belongs.

This just in: Melissa Gilbert accuses Oliver Stone of sexual harassment. Another One! Wow.

And you know Holly’s Woody in the Morning is in real trouble when Mel Gibson weighs in on his sandals…er scandals. Good gawd…………………..Geesh.

Me thinks Holly’s Woody in the Morning better re-brand their ‘This is Us” programme to something less inclusive. Orgy anyone?

Hey even the UN’s climate change conference in Bonn is getting in on the sexual harassment act. Boy could you ever have fun with this one: climate of change, climate of abuse, predatory climate, a groping climate out there for the taking. Its getting hot out there. For once the UN will be spot on when they come out and say that 2017 was the “hottest” year on record….yes. I love it. All of the turkeys are coming home to roost. The UN is not immune. Hypocrisy knows no bounds, oops sorry to the S&M crowd out there.

Then this: 5 signs that its time to change your bra. Well, I can think of only one: when your boyfriend can’t get it off. Or perhaps when Harv, Bill, Oliver, Charlie and Weiner can’t get it off either – the bra that is? What were you thinking?

Happy Tuesday