Sensitive Bullies

David Cassidy dead at 67. Man, makes me feel really old. I am only a year younger than him. Watching him and the Partridge Family doesn’t seem that long ago.

On another note the sex continues. This time some guy named Nick Carter accused of rape. Holy crap.  Never heard of him. The accuser  said Carter called for weeks after. He eventually stopped calling, but then she signed on with his manager and friend, Kenneth Crear. Yeah, that’ll do it. I guess her career needed a boost financially.

Cult like Canadian product could break all time “Black Friday” records. What is it?

Image result for pics of canadian hosers' toquesThe Canadian Hoser Toque!                                  Gotta get me one. Canada’s contribution to the world man.

True-dough welcomes back 60 ISIS terrorists. With open arms no doubt and an open wallet. Let’s see, on average he has been giving these questionable dudes $10.5M each – so that’s going to cost us about $630M bucks. But hey they’re Canadians eh? More-dough was heard to say: “We can make anyone a hoser if we throw enough money at them.” Ralphy could only smile his liberal smugness smile of his.

Glamour Magazine’s Woman of the Year are all liberal, lefties. Nooooooo. Not a conservative anywhere on that list. Shocked? Not really. In Canada you will never see a conservative awarded anything. Order of Canada Con – nope! Hockey Hall of Fame Con? Nope! Giller Prize Con? No. Nothing Con. Move on.

That’ll do it and deflect things: Holly’s Woody in the Morning people to rename streets that were names after Confederate Generals. Lee Avenue will be renamed Oscar Myer Weiner. TV programs such as “Lee-vit to Beaver” are just too toxic. Confederate sex. So that name will be changed to  Wine Stein, or Wallbanger. Sara Lee Cake to be removed from all studio cafeterias. Replaced with Angel Food! or Pussy Galore perhaps. Lee-vi jeans will have to be rebranded in Holly’s Woody in the Morning to something like: “Battle of the Bulge” or  “Grant me a Wish,” says Harvey Wee Wee………………… Geesh.

Liberals to re-integrate ISIS fighters into Canadian society. After all diversity is our strength. We take the good with the bad. Okay, just ensure that they be integrated into Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver society. That will be one way to reduce property values….for sure and address our outrageous tax laws. Eh Gregor?

Gregor? Gregor?? Sounds Russian don’t it? The Mayor of Vancouver is pushing hard for social housing. This is what social housing looks like:

Image result for pics of russian social housingImage result for Russian Apartments

By that world famous architect of social renewal:

Image result for pics of russian social housing

C’mon people of Canada, citizens of Vancouver, Toronto, Victoria and other cities with progressive mayors and left wing councils……………………WAKE UP

From the Oxymoronic file comes this: Only in Canada and Toronto could you have ” Sensitive Bullies.” They, the sensitive bullies, will be employed as school crossing guards. That should go over well.

Image result for pics of antifa bullies“I said, get across that gawd damn street…now!”… “But the light’s red and I’m scared!”…. “Don’t be a pussy, MOVE IT.”

So profound man!

And “idiocy is Real.”

Rest in Peace David.