Giving Thanks

This just in from the Moonbat State:

Mike Hughes is shown with his steam-powered rocket constructed out of salvage parts. He plans to launch it Saturday.

Rocket launch will prove Earth is flat, California man says. This guy, codenamed “Rocket Man,” no relation to Kim Flung Poo of North Korea, has done this before with nixed results.

“If you’re not scared to death, you’re an idiot. It’s scary as hell, but none of us are getting out of this world alive.” Well some of us are Mr Hughes. You are now the poster boy for the Darwin Award. I can’t make this stuff up. Move over Governor Gerry Brown. You now have competition as the lead Moonbat of the Moonbat State.

Ooooo. Iran sends warships to the Gulf of Mexico. US is shaking in its boots.  This handout image provided Tuesday, July 25, 2017, from the U.S. Navy purports to show an Iranian vessel making a close approach to a U.S. coastal patrol ship USS Thunderbolt, right. The U.S. Navy patrol boat fired warning shots near the Iranian vessel that American sailors said came dangerously close to them during a tense encounter in the Persian Gulf. Iran's Revolutionary Guard later blamed the American ship for provoking the situation.

US responds with this:

Image result for pics of US Aircraft carrieror this:Image result for pics of battleships

Iran is soon to be known as the Middle East’s Moonbat Nation.

Kim Flung Poo, no worse to the wise, gives Iran some advice. “If you’re going to come to the partay, then you better come prepared.”

Image result for pics of Kim Un and nuclear explosions“So you think Trump is a “Hard Ass” do ya? Take that. Ayatolla. Just stay upwind as this is a killer fart.”  Kim banned from visiting California, The Anti-Flatulence State.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American Friends. For Trump, a thanksgiving treat:

Image result for pics of kim un as a turkeyOops, sorry, wrong Turkey.

Image result for pics of kim un as a turkey head

Thank you lord for the gift that just keeps on giving.

On another note: is that Mike Myer’s dad in that photo? Hmmm? Wondering!

There is a God:

  • Bosnian Serb military chief Ratko Mladic convicted of genocide and sentenced to life in prison…..
  • Cathy Griffon, that comedian with the mocked up severed head of Trump, complains that she cannot find work anywhere in Holly’s Woody in the Morning crowd. Wait a minute. They hate Trump in Holly’s Woody in the Morning. Could it be that she has no talent? She is not that funny? Maybe, perhaps.  Oh, I don’t know.

Canada’s Miss Universe representative:

Slide 16 of 93

Whoa, I though PRIDE was over last June. Another pic for the swim suit competition. This will be hard a hard one to judge one of the Judges was heard to remark.

Image result for women in burka images


Canada’s allies are killing their ISIS citizens. What is Canada doing? Killing then with love. As reported in yesterday’s post if we throw enough money at them – $10.6M per ISIS per – we can make them into a “hosers” just like the rest of us. Failing that, in typical Canadian bureaucratic speak….the government has launched the new Canada Centre for Community Engagement and Prevention of Violence to help jihadists “let go of that terrorist ideology,” The CCCEP for short. Hey, isn’t that the name of the middle school system in Quebec?

Yeah, that should work! …………………………………………….Wake up Canada.




Happy Thanksgiving to the US of A.