Coupe De Gris

Maldives – 32 days and counting, Hey I am just following the UN’s dire prediction from 1988. Everyone believes the UN right?

Image result for pics of maldivesLet’s hope there is a lot of air in that tank. You’ll need it!

Draining the swamp of swampy, swarmy critters. Matt Lauer is now gone. Why? Sexual misconduct allegations. It’s a foreskin conclusion, er, foregone conclusion, a senior staff’s member remarked. We do not put up for this kind of conduct. Meanwhile:

Fallon’s late night ratings dropping like a stone. Colbert passing him. Why? Colbert and others hate Trump and regularly lampoon him on their show. The audience loves it. Then again their target audience captures those dudes in the 18-49 year old age group who are basement dwellers, suck on their parents teats and  who are unemployed. The real audience, the one that really matters, is not watching these shows because they are usually asleep getting sufficient rest prior to next days hard working grind. Besides, I don’t know about you but I do not find Colbert funny at all. No sense of humour. Take away the laugh track and there would be dead silence.

Image result for pics of north korean people celebrating\See, even these guys are happy that the Argos won the Coupe de Gris / Grey Cup

These people? Not so much.

Image result for pics of north korean people celebrating\Wahhhhh. Calgary Lost?? Wahhhhhhhh. Say it ain’t so Bo!


The hidden meaning behind Harry’s hand gesture.

a man in a suit and tie standing next to a fence

“Gawd Meghan. Those Tacos are not sitting well.” While the senior royal men look like this with their hands behind their backs:

Image result for Pics of Prince phillip walking with hands behind his back

“Ooooo, that was a good one Harry. Warning next time please.”


Slow day today. Happy Wednesday. Or for those of you living in Qatar: Happy Hump Day!