Snow Blower Man

Apologize, family emergency. This post is a repeat from last September:


Hypocrisy of the media:

Athlete’s who take a knee or kneel down during the anthem should be in church, not on the field, or ice or whatever,praying hard that they will not lose their jobs. Meanwhile Tim Tebow takes a knee, called “tebowing,” in his celebration of a higher power prior to a game and he gets crucified by the press!

“I feel so oppressed” one athlete of colour was heard to say.  I was expecting $50 million this season but they only gave me $40 million. “Racist, it’s bloody racist I tell you,” as he was munching away on his Doritos, that dastardly symbol of white oppression.

Penguins hailed during visit to  the White House after winning the Stanley Cup in 2009 and 2016. Penguins vilified for daring to visit the White House after 2017 win.

Obama……………………………………………….a saint
Hillary……………………………………………….an angel
Trump……………………………………………… the devil incarnate.

You watch. Obama will be made a saint just a few years after his death.

And then there is this:

The “World Language Body” a UN body located in Medellin Columbia wants to change the word “snow” to something else. “Snow is just sooooo White Privilege. I mean look at it. So, we are going to change it to “blow.” “That’s more in line with the world’s shared values” another WLB official snorted.  “Besides saying – it is really blowing outside – kills two descriptive statements into one. We think that is so neet (sic).”

Speaking of Blow:

“China Deals Major Blow to North Korea…”

Image result for crazy pics of kim un                            Image result for crazy pics of kim un

“We’ll be giving them at least 1 million kilos a year” a Chinese official was heard to say. “That’s major blow in my books. Oh, you were thinking of UN sanctions were you? Rats a good one” he responded. RoR!

Bird in the hand so to speak!

Image result for pics of trudeau and trump“Forgive me Donald, but I don’t know where that hand’s been.

Hugh Hefner’s Playboy mansion a ‘surreal’ experience for Canadian who stayed six months. “Yeah, I was on my back the whole time I was there” she said. “Wow! Sir is that for real.” when she had a peaky boo!

Every week something new from the left…to protest or get their undies all in a knot. First there was Pride, then BLM, then SJWs, then Black Olives Matter, then Green organic pizza, then Donald’s Trump, then Antifa, then statues, then pigeons defecating on their statues, then everything white, then kneeling down outside of church, then Athlete oppressions due to their high salaries. What is next? That you can no longer say “Trump” during Bridge and Euchre games? Can’t say spades either? And saying “Spades are Trump” will definitely get the clubs on you?

Oh yeah. This latest nugget from the lefty’s world of hate and intolerance: people who are right handed should be shunned and berated for their white privilege and their racist behaviour.

Hillary Clinton visits Toronto and delivers a speech at the Enercare Centre while on book tour for "What Happened."

Now you know we’re in trouble as a country. Toronto goes into rapture mode during Hillary Clinton visit. Unbelievable. Her husband receives similar treatment whenever he visits. You know Trump has the “Art of the Deal” to fall back on while the other has the “Art of the Dough” to contend with. What would you rather deal with?

Oh, so that’s why all these guys are on their knees. They pine for the good ole daze.

And what does Trudeau have? The “Art of the Screw” as he moves to screw Canadians more and more each and every day. Then again, we Canadians being so smug are smug in the knowledge that we are the most screwed nation on earth…. and loving it…………………..Geesh!

This just in from the Canadian Press: “OJ to get steak and an iPhone after release….wow. And this is news?…..Why?

Love this one. Just shows what happens when one has shit for brains. Cartoon is from Theo and Maggie’s Farm. Great blog there by the way.

Fourth Gravitational Pull detected:

Astronomers say they have detected another set of gravitational waves — ripples in the fabric of space and time traveling throughout the Universe. It’s the fourth time this phenomenon has been measured by the scientists at LEGO, er sorry LIGO, or the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory. The same group made history by detecting the first wave signals early last year. While such detections seem to be routine now, this latest discovery is unique since it was also picked up by a separate non-LIGO observatory.

“I was blown away,” one Astronomer was heard to say.



Advent: beautiful and wonderful time of the year!


And on another note: White milk no longer in vogue due to its white privilege undertones, er overtones. Chocolate milk is making a huge comeback but Black Lives Matter are having convulsions over this new trend. PETA has also soured on this new food guide development. Just wait a couple of weeks PETA and you can have all the sour milk you want!

To all men out there: be afraid, be very, very afraid. I looked at a woman about 20 years ago – yeah, yeah, I know – and I am scared faceless in being hauled in front of a feminist tribunal for my dastardly actions of harassment. If they find out that is. Be very, very afraid.

It may be time to ditch the Internet and listen to the beautiful hymn above.


Latest: Dustin Hoffman – some 32 years ago……………………Geesh.



Pigeons and Statues

Maldives: 26 days to go until nada thing left of the Maldives, according to the UN.


Dealing with a family emergency. Repeat post from last August (with some updates):

Pigeon Lovers Unite!

If you start taking down statues, what are the poor pigeon’s going to do? I think that pigeon lovers everywhere should march and protest this blatant act of cruelty to animals. Where is PETA when the going gets tough?

Would you rather have this:

Or this:

There are unintended consequences you know. So, Antifa, BLM, PRIDE and all you SJWs out there be very careful what you wish for. Be very, very careful.  This could be your car!

More bodies found on glacier, Mont Blanc, France. One French official was heard to state that “this is a real cold case.”  Activists are upset as Mount Blanc is a symbol of white privilege, white supremacism. Never mind the poor bastards who died there. No, they want the name changed to “Mount This Will Ya France.”

Social media split on Swift’s new song. First of all, who is Swift? Secondly, who gives a rats ass about her new song? Thirdly, the Musak industry is all in a tizzy over this as this song really, really sucks.

Latest Darwin runner-up award: Woman falls while taking a selfie with a drone. Now runner up’s for this award are those people who demonstrate awesome stupidity but for whatever reason fail to diminish the gene pool by taking themselves off of the ranks of the living…too bad.

Mysterious tablet discovered. New math secrets revealed as in:

The 3,700-year-old Babylonian tablet Plimpton 322 at the Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Columbia University in New York.

1 + 1 = 3  Yikes! Or 1 + 1 = 11; or 2 + 2 = 22

Apple wants to market it as the new IMath! I knew that all along. I could have been a math contender if this had come out when I was in school.

Oh yeah. Surprise comment of the week: Hurricane Harvey caused by Climate Change, and, It is TRUMP’s fault.

Jewish activists target New York’s Peter Stuyvesant Statues. Targeting a statue to a cigarette?  C’mon guys, let’s get real here!

Another candidate(s) for a runner-up status of the Darwin Stupidity Award:
“Authorities shut down the scheduled performance by Los Angeles act Allah-Las at a 1,000-person capacity club called Maassilo. The band’s name has attracted some unwanted attention in the Muslim world. Band members say they selected the name Allah, Arabic for the Muslim deity, because they wanted something that sounded “holy.” Lead singer Miles Michaud said: “We get emails from Muslims, here in the U.S. and around the world, saying they’re offended, but that absolutely wasn’t our intention.”
Maybe you guys should have called yourselves the “Sermon on the Rock n Rollers.” Hmmm? Just sayin. “Just because we know how to rock doesn’t mean we are smart.” One of the band members was heard to say. Taylor Swift nodded in agreement.

There is just so much craziness a person can handle these days.




WHO Wants To Ban Sugar

Few new posts for awhile. Family emergency. Here is a repeat from last year. Still relevant:

From the “World Health Organization”……………………Who?

We want to tax sugar to fight obesity… SWEEEEEEET!

From the school of common sense: get them off their asses and into the playgrounds, sports programs, and throw their Xboxes, IPhones and Tablets into the trash. Bring back play, as the saying goes.

But it’s their right to do what they want. Right?

Kids have no responsibilities therefore they have no rights!

And what about rights. Do you think you have rights? What rights? Think again man or women or ne,ve,ze. This is just a smoke screen and another example of how our individual freedoms and rights are being undermined by government legislators – at all levels. Soon we will be told what to eat, what to drink, what to wear, what to say, what to think, what to watch, what to drive, what bloody light bulbs we have to use.

Legislators will ban herbicides, ban pesticides, ban perfume, ban cologne, ban lawnmowers, ban red meat, ban white meat for its privilege, ban “Monster Truck” shows, ban camping, ban boating, ban contact sports, ban BBQ’s, ban fun. If left unchecked there will be no idling of cars, hey, no driving of cars, no international air travel, no travel at all, no smoking, no swearing, no drinking, no critical thought if you please, no consequences for bad personal decisions or choices, no discipline as it’s always somebody else’s fault. The do good-ers and the activists are having a field day. By the way, have you ever met a happy activist or a happy environ-mental -ist? Nope? Neither have I.

It took me 65 years to become a Grumpy Old Man. These environmental whackos and Social Justice Warriors had that locked up the minute they entered University.

Orwell had it right all along. Only he was well ahead of our times. Oh the horror of it all. People – wake up!!!

Next they’ll want to tax the very air that we breathe. Oh wait, they’re doing that now with their so called Carbon Tax. After all when we inhale we have to exhale, and that my friends contains CO2 – so stop breathing to save the planet. In today’s world telling someone figuratively to “drop dead” has a whole new meaning…THEY MEAN IT!

They’ll want to tax volcanic eruptions and erections next.

And given the UN’s stellar record of collective security and peacekeeping – Rwanda, Sudan, Somalia – come to mind; their impressive decisions on Human Rights as reflected by the righteousness of the UN Human Rights Council; the inspirational insight that the UN demonstrated with their election of Zimbabwe as the lead nation on the United Nations’ Commission on Sustainable Development, their appointment of Iran to head the committee on the status of women and Libya to chair the Human Rights Council a few years back; and their dynamic organizational skills and efficacy in financial administration as witnessed by their Oil for Food program and the human disaster that is called Haiti, why oh why on earth would anyone with half a brain in their head believe in the conclusions drawn up by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Huh? Huh?

People?………………………………..WAKE UP


Just saying, that’s all.



The Devil Is In The Details

Family emergency so new posts will have to wait for awhile. From an earlier post but still relevant today: Oh wait. How are the Maldives doing?

Image result for pics of the maldives Whew! They are still there IPCC.


The Trudeau Government or the Devil’s Brigade

From the CBC files (Oct 24 2016). My comments are in italics:

Minister of health wants to change the food guide… code for I know what’s best for Canadians…she doesn’t.

Health Minister Jane Philpott said the “iconic” Canada Food Guide has not kept up with the country’s changing demographics and lifestyles…Code for we have to control everything Canadian’s eat.

Philpott said the guide must be “relevant and practical” and provide advice for Canadians whether they are shopping at the grocery store or looking at a restaurant menu. It must be individualized and adaptable for food preferences and sensitivities, she said…. because we Canadians are soooo stupid!

Sasha McNicoll, co-ordinator of the Coalition for Healthy School Food, urged the federal government to fund a school food program in every school in the country as a way to ensure kids are eating nutritious food… because, you know, their parents are pigging out on Doritos;

“I think it’s only fair for the people who are selling food to be able to have opportunity to comment in terms of what the impact might be on them,” she said….ah yes the “transparency” word again.

“But they will not have impact on the advice given in the guide…”  say what? That’s like saying we’re going to ban candy bars while legalizing marijuana.  Oh wait! Are we sooo stupid as a society here in Canada. Are they serious.

A group representing the sector said the industry is already taking steps to encourage Canadians to make more informed, healthy food choices, and said it is “keen” to ensure further steps are taken…like making a turnip(rude-baker) taste like a Mars Bar.

Philpott said the Healthy Canada strategy has three pillars:

  • Healthy minds, including new initiatives to improve mental health…Hey man, I just read a book called the Stoner’s Life. It’s Canada’s guide to healthy toking;
  • Healthy living, including promotion of physical activity and fitness and new rules to deter smoking and vaping… I know what you’re thinkin Virginia, but takin Marijuana is not smoking, it’s tokin; and
  • Healthy eating, including the updated food guide and new labelling and marketing rules…for the Canadian Weed Guide…hey man can I have a toke.

“It can improve their health and it can improve their education outcomes,” she told CBC News. “An investment now can help children develop better eating habits into adulthood and that will hopefully save in health-care costs down the road.”…like, because, like, their parents are like sooo stupid y’know and like haven’t a clue, so we, like, have to step in and like save them from themselves whether they like it or not! Like y’know what I mean man…like c’mon pass the weed man.

We are doomed. The Devil’s Brigade is at it again.


Have a great weekend. Until Monday.