Apple Of My Eye

Thanks for all of your thoughts and concerns. The boys and I are doing okay.

Saw this over the holidays. Our illustrious PM and his brother showing off their “Last Supper” Christmas sweaters. Sweet Justinian!

Now, how about showing off your Muslim sweats guys…Hmmm…or socks?

From the Goracle files comes this: New Ice age caused by global warming. Sleight of hand or what. Yup, Horseshoe falls in mid July, don’t you know.

Or this

What did you do on your summer vacation Al


Finally, Tighter Looking Skin For Men [do this daily]

Men are doing this everyday for tighter looking skin. Antifa, BLM are going nuts. Back in the day this would be called – Blackface. Hey, but just change the name or brand, call it male cosmetics, and it’s all okay.

Love this one. I read a very long article over the weekend about what to do during a nuclear attack. I could summarize that whole piece with just one word:  “duck!” oh, and kiss your ass goodbye.

Meghan Markle’s bad seed. I can’t believe this one. Some Brit Journalist has made the claim that when Meghan Markle marries Harry, her bad seed will taint the Royal bloodline. Oh you mean this bloodline:

Image result for crazy pics of prince charles                        or this                     Image result for crazy pics of prince charles

But I always thought that the seed came before the egg!  Harry??? Just saying that’s all.

From the craziness file comes these two nuggets:

It would appear that in Switzerland, in taking the lead from New Zealand, it will now be illegal to boil lobsters while they are still alive due to lobster sensitivities. Heard in passing:

“What do we do now?” A Swiss Sous Chef was want to ask his Sur Chef.

“Take this here hammer Louis, then knock the crap out of it, then throw it into the pot of boiling water. Yup, that’ll do it.  And it’s all legal.”

“Hey, and those flowers there?”;


“Well we can no longer cut their stems for fear of causing long term flower grief. We don’t want to hurt their feelings…er petals!”

“Geraniums unite, I say WRGM – as in White and Red Geraniums Matter.”

My only question about all of this would be; how will the Swiss enforce and police this one?


Heard in passing at an airport somewhere in North America.

“But I don’t want a return ticket to Brussels. One way will do. I have a euthanasia tourist package to Belgium don’t you know. And it’s all inclusive”

Chinese take-out box has a new feature. It’s ideal for the Belgium all inclusive euthanasia tourist packages!

Shithouse comment – Bloggers like me just love Trump. The gift that keeps on giving. Love this: courtesy of Maggie’s Farm:


This just in! The double burp! Astronomers have caught a massive black hole letting out a “double burp” after bingeing on hot gas.

Burps, black holeArrows point to the two burps of gas coming from the black hole: the top arrow points to the newer burp and the bottom arrow points to the older burp.

And here I thought it was just another all day long CNN exclusive, listening in on one of Trump’s executive meetings.

BTW, how, on earth, did they measure that?


Tune for the day:……………….. Courtesy of You Tube

Prayer for the day:

Please dear Lord. Give us back Peter Ham and we’ll give you Justin Bieber.


Have a terrific Tuesday. Great, Homicide Detective is on tonight!


SJ……..Burp, Belch..S’cuse me…………………………………….Out