Turdeau put down his annual budget yesterday. Like previous budgets we’re falling further and further into debt. Or is that farther and farther. Its (the budget) or it’s (it is) about who you may ask or is it whom. No matter, dispense with the grammar and spelling lessons and lets look at this budget.

“The Liberals deliver a budget that has nothing to do with budgeting or the national economy” (Coyne: National Post)

Oh you mean just like Tru-dope’s knowledge of foreign affairs is entirely foreign to him? Or his stance on the environment in that no decision(s) will be made without a gender based analysis being done.

Oh you mean we’re screwed!

Image result for Pics of trudeau and pipelines

Yes this budget is the first budget in Canada, perhaps the world, that will be gender based.

What the hell does that mean? Let’s ask her:

Image result for 1927 metropolisShocking I tell you. Just shocking.

“Oh you mean we’re screwed here in Canada.

Or perhaps to put it a little more bluntly: Canadians are F&%ked as well. Gender based huh. Only in pithy Canada would someone’s body come up with one like that. Time to get off this planet.

But hey Canada, at least you have a good handle on pipelines now. Oh you mean this:

Image result for Big Weed PipesThis is about the only pipeline one will ever see in Canada under True-dope. Pity.

Gov’t wants to completely regulate all aspects of the private sector. Because, you know, only government intervention of the private sector will produce tangible results. Oh you mean like the “Phoenix” pay system – that harbinger of pay efficacy that is entirely fooked up as it is a gender based system:

Image result for pics of screwed up automationHey Canadians. With this Liberal Government:

Image result for Screwed Up MemesHard to find a song of the day for today’s post: Perhaps this is appropriate:

Short today.



Patrick Brown, the leader of the Ontario Conservative Party opts not to run for the leadership of the party after being ousted by the Alligators of Ontario and his party itself.

Image result for pics of alligators

See, even this gal is having a good laugh at the Brown incident.

Yes, the Alligator’s allegations of sexual impropriety that have turned out to be nebulous at best and rotten to the core at the worst. But, like all good conservatives, the damage was done and poor old Brown didn’t have a hope in hell of regaining the leadership of the party. A real modern day “Coo – day – tits er tat” I would say. I feel sorry for him and the Conservatives are going to wear this big time. Mark my words, the Cons will lose in June. But then again they are winners in a sense because they, the party, always elect a loser to lead their party. Brown, although I do feel sorry for him, fell in with his loser predecessors Hudak (who) and Tory – the man, not the party. And of course the Sheer nonsense at the Federal level. Me, I don’t really care as they’re all bad. Just look at this guy, our current Prime Minister:

Image result for embarrassing pics of trudeau


“I’m a joker, I’m a smoker, I’m a midnight toker”



“How I love being me. Today, I think I’ll be a feminist. Tomorrow? A Sikh. Day after? Oh, I don’t know, how about the leader of Canada? That should be fun.”

Then again he replaced this guy:

Image result for embarrassing pics of trudeau“Howdy Pardner. I’m the Prime Minister of Canada and you’re not.”

But now we have this wo-people as a potential leader of one:

Image result for Embarassing pics of green party leader elizabeth mayHey, I’m just a “Cowgirl in the Tar Sands”

Then there’s this guy:

Image result for New NDP leaderScary. Nothing New about this New Democrat.          I want to destroy Canada and take us all back to the dark ages. An age where everyone had to wear bright head gear like this so as not to bump into one another.

And on and on it goes.

I’m going to vote for the new “EPC – Elephant Party of Canada.” They advocate for all of those people out there suffering from Sleep Apnea. People who are forced to go to bed like this:

Image result for Pics of people with sleep apneaHow romantic. They get no respect, and nothing else either! But she has flowers in her hair.

That’s my political rant for today.

Song of the day:


You’re My Best Friend

Games are over. Closing ceremony was great. Athletes did very well. Even the Cross Country Skiers.

Hate it when these athletes become political. Ivanka Trump criticized for showing up. Why? She has every right to be there. She is the President’s daughter after all. But it is okay for the sister of the lunatic leader of North Korea to be there is it? Yeah this guy:

Image result for funny pics of kim jong un of north koreaWho would you rather have represent you? Her?

Image result for funny pics of kim jong un of north korea

Or her:

Image result for pics of ivanka trumpSome of these athletes are really dumbing down. Stick to your sport.

But then again when you have a Prime Minister like this guy:

It is hard to stick to anything.Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (R) along with his wife Sophie Gregoire (L) and their children Ella-Grace (2L) and son Xavier (3L) pay their respects at the Sikh Shrine Golden temple in Amritsar on Wednesday. Trudeau and his family were on a week-long official trip to India.                                                                               What an embarrassment!

His son looks very uncomfortable. “Yeah, I know I have a narcissist for a father.” Daughter doesn’t look too happy either. It was the curry me thinks.

A man convicted of attempted murder who was invited to a dinner reception with Justin Trudeau in India says he has a friendly relationship with the prime minister, and stayed away to save him from further embarrassment.

Nooooo, no, noooooo: he didn’t like what was on the menu. Moose Burgers! And, he was upset that he didn’t receive $10.5M from the Prime Minister.

Question of the year: Will Karlsson be traded?

imageThe Weinstein (remember him) Co.’s board of directors says the company is expected to file for bankruptcy protection after last-ditch talks to sell its assets collapsed. Yes, sales of Harvey Wallbangers have tanked over the past few months. Same with his iconic “Wine Steins” label. So sad. See ya bud. Major news outlets tried to interview him about his latest cast-astrophe but they couldn’t get him off of the couch to speak to them.

Whatever turns you on I guess:

The undersides of ice shelves (Antarctica’s Ross Ice Shelf) are usually smooth due to gradual melting. But as the camera passed through the bottom of the hole, it showed the underside of the ice adorned with a glittering layer of flat ice crystals–like a jumble of snowflakes–evidence that in this particular place, sea water is actually freezing onto the base of the ice instead of melting it.

“It blew our minds,” says Christina Hulbe, a glaciologist from the University of Otago in New Zealand, who co-led the expedition.

I wonder what turns her off?

Now this from our “We Know Better Than You” crowd. Schools boards in Toronto and other places ban the use of the term “Best Friend” by children. What is next from these progressives? Time to rid ourselves of this madness. At your next civic election vote them out and replace them with candidates who have common sense ideology.

Song of the day:

Happy post Olympic Monday.



All The Boys and Girls Now

Have enjoyed watching these games. Have had fun kibitzing with friends from afar on an almost daily basis shoring up and supporting our respective nations with friendly banter. I have had a great deal of respect for all the athletes, not just my own Canadian born. It has been great.


Canadian hockey player takes off her silver medal in disgust during the medal award after losing the gold medal game to the US. The Toronto “Red Star” applauds this as a fitting gesture for the values of the Olympic spirit and ideal. Typical Toronto “Red Star.” One that we, as Canadians, should be proud of. Just more of the same leftist BS coming from Canada’s leading voice in the Trump Derangement Syndrome and Resistance movement. What are we coming to in this world? Applaud the American team. They played better that the Canadians and deserve their medal. Let us rejoice in celebrating this feat with the American team in the spirit of the Olympic ideal. Piss off Toronto Star. You do not speak for me.

Hey yo CBC. You did a big piece of Koe during one of your telecasts informing us that Kevin Koe was a Yellowknife native and an indigenous one at that. Yet here I am reading about the Bronze medal game that Canada lost to the Swiss indicating that Koe is a Calgary native, born in Edmonton. I mean I was born in Toronto (sorry) but have lived in Victoria most of my life. I am a native of Victoria, not Toronto.  CBC…..Geesh.

As our country goes down the toilet economically, our fearless leaders are very concerned and anxious about this:

MONTREAL – Hockey Canada was widely criticized Wednesday after a news report indicated a public address announcer at the Winter Olympics was told by the national governing body to stop using French pronunciations for the names of some Canadian players.

Federal Heritage Minister Melanie Joly said she was “extremely surprised” by Hockey Canada’s position, while Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard called it “deplorable” and “ridiculous.”

Well now……………………And here is our fearless leader’s leader comment:

Image result for Pics of trudeau during india visit“Please, to all of the gods out here. Please make sure Gerald is happy with my trip here to India? I know Canadians back home are not but who cares about them dear god. They are not me and I love being me because I am me and they’re  not me…..amen….oops, I mean…ah-people…..ah…ah…choo!”

Could you see Trump doing this? But then again, according to Trudeau, there is no such thing as Canadian core values or Canadian-ism. That means that we can be anything we want to be, at any given moment.

“I can be a Sikh one day or a Muslim another, or a Feminist, or an Indigenous Person, or even a Prime Minister – if I so desire. I mean, everyday is Halloween. Oh how I love being me!”

I can’t take anymore of this.

I notice that the games are winding down. Men’s hockey should just about end it. Hopefully a Gold here. Great games.

Update: Canada loses to Germans. Out of the Gold medal final.

Two tunes today, appropriate I think in view of these games:

And this:

  Celebration of Life for my dear wife Marijke this Sunday.

  Rest in Peace. We love you.

Read ya Monday. With the games over what will we write about? Don’t worry as there is a lot of craziness out there.




How’s the games going today? Or was it yesterday? Or maybe it was tomorrow? Gawd I hate these time zones. Thank you Sandford Fleming. Was he one of Sandford and Son’s sons?

Image result for pics of sandford and sons

So what time is it Gladys in PyeongChang?

Image result for Time Zone of Confusion Funny PicsWoman’s hockey final was very exciting. But I hate to see a team win or lose in a shootout. Too much like that beautiful game they call football:

Image result for Pics of footbal hooliganismAnd they won for heaven sakes. In a shootout. Only 15 killed! After 94 minutes of play the final score was, you guessed it, 0-0.

Woman’s hockey final game ended in a 2-2 draw. One overtime period then the shootout. US won but I have to say they outplayed Canada, especially in the 3rd and overtime periods. Great game gals. Very entertaining. No fights at all.

USA celebrated after beating Canada in a shootout to win the gold medal.Now that’s a beautiful game gals. Thanks.

CBC’s sports reporter Colleen then asked the Captain of the winning US team:

“So, how does it feel to win?”

” Oh, the shits really Colleen. The shit’s”

Colleen then asked the Canadian team’s captain:

“So, how does it feel to lose the gold to the US after having beat them for the last 4 Olympic games – 16 years? Is this the end of woman’s hockey in Canada?”

The team captain burst into tears after that question

“Back to you Scott” Colleen said.

“Thanks Colleen, great job, as usual.”

Didn’t see too much after that. Germany beat the Swedes in men’s hockey to advance to the semi finals. Canada will play Germany while Russia and the Cheques will play off. And what is it with this Olympic Athletes from Russia non sense. This could only come from the IOC! They received advice on this from the Canadian government officials….Geesh.

Scott Moir pissed at Woman’s hockey final and yelling at the refs.

“No, I am not a drunk, I do not have a drinking problem. I am not an alcoholic. I am a Canadian.”

Yeah that says it all. When asked who was / are his role models he remarked:

These guys of course:

Image result for pics of the mackenzie brothers   Canadian philosophy! Eh?

What else is going on? Not much. As usual NBC with its Lindsay Vonn marathon reporting at the expense of everyone else. Sounds like CNN with its on, and on, and on, and on it goes.

Song for the day: Let’s hear it for the US Woman’s Hockey Team: