Scary and Hairy.

Just thinking today about getting my hair cut. What style says I; this:

Image result for pics of trumps hairYou’re hired!

Or this:

Image result for pics of North Korea's kim's hair

You’re fired!

What about this?…

Image result for pics of North Korea's kim's hairYou’ve expired

Or maybe this:

Image result for Gert wilders haircut

Gert Wilders

Or this guy:

Image result for Gert wilders haircut

Gert’s twin brother. See the resemblance! No?

My wife would have said I was jealous. I guess I’ll just go with this:

Ya, that’ll do it.

Perhaps not!

What else is going on.

Big news day in the UK: Meghan Markle has an awkward moment during her first royal engagement. Yeah, so? What? Did she say no to Harry?

Headline News at the London Times:  “Kate Middleton’s Furry Hat Becomes 1,000 Times More Exciting When You See Her Gloves”

Image result for pics of bad handwriting
I always knew that English is a foreign language. Just try watching an English TV show without close captioning.
Justin Trudeau finds billions to give to foreign countries. $10.5M to a convicted terrorist Omar Kadr. He finds billions to expand the bureaucracy. $2.5B to a climate fraud…er fund. He finds billions despite massive budget deficits. But when it comes to Veterans, all of a sudden he says the government is out of money. DISGUSTING.
Perhaps Trudeau hasn’t got gist of the new math being taught in Ontario:
1 + 1 = 11, or 2 + 2 = 22. Yeah that would explain those big payouts to Kadr:
$1 mil + $1 mil + $11 Million. We had to take $.5M off for admin costs!
Or hair like this:
Image result for pics of funny trudeau hairKinda looks like “Anonymous” don’t you think:
Image result for pics of anonymous
Difference between Canada and the US economy can be described as such:
“What’s happening in the U.S.? They’re lowering taxes, they’re building pipelines and they’re starting to export oil,” Conway told The Canadian Press, adding that in Canada, taxes have been raised, pipelines are not getting built, and there isn’t much regulatory certainty.”
In comparison, a Canadian pipeline in operation:
Image result for pics of pipes in marijuana smoking lines
“Yeah, but we know better than those dastardly Americans don’t you know.” said one of Canada’s smug elites. “After all we are #1 in the world for smugness.”
“Smug…er Snow is a thing of the past.” so says Gore et al. Consider this:
Somewhere in Swiss Alps. Why oh why do we keep believing these guys.
I think that’s it for today:
Two songs today: Cranberries Delores Riordan passed away a few days ago. Watch Zombie and Dreams. For some reason I can no longer paste music video into my blog. Go to You tube and type in Canberries.
Read ya Monday. Have a great weekend.