Bad Seed

This just in from a friend. Love him or hate him but this is great.

Can’t argue with that guy.

Oh yeah, and another bit of truth. Thanks Gord.

Lets have another look at one of Trudeau’s mandate letters:

Develop a strategy that aims to create a single online window for all government services.


Oh you mean Service Canada? Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

If you are an old fart like me Service Canada will let you apply for OAS and CPP. But that’s it buddy. Tax problem? Forget it. Unemployment? Forget it. Passport? Forget it. Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahah. Business development? Well you get the picture…..People? Wake up.


Elizabeth May, Leader of the 1 seat Green Party apparently, er allegedly, went on a verbal rampage with her staff.  Left some with traumatically stress it would seem. Resign? Nope. Double standard. Yup. Hypocrisy? You bet. But Elizabeth May is soooo, sooooo, soooo….sooooo what? someone was heard to say. Sooo, 1920s!

Image result for funny pics of elizabeth mayNo, not her…her…Image result for funny pics of elizabeth may

Meanwhile Justin Timberlake incensed Janet Jackson fans when he included the song the two sang during Nipplegate at his Super Bowl LII halftime set on Sunday.

“I love watching Janet Jackson songs,” one incensed fan was heard to say.

“You mean listening to her songs don’t you?”

“She sings??”

Grammatical mistakes that instantly reveal someone’s ignorance:

“Hey Yo” Its hear now dude” C’mon!….Geesh.

Hey: What happens when banks lose your money? That’s easy. They charge you a finder’s fee of course.


Have a happy Monday.