Underneath God’s Light

From the MSN deception file comes this:

It seems Brad Pitt is in a spot of car trouble. Seems his Tesla rear ended a Nissan, probably a Leaf, that ran into a pick-up truck. Who won this battle of the Electric Vehicles (EVs)?  Why the gas guzzling truck of course. Nada scratch on her. But the headline reads:

“Brad Pitt Causes Chain Car Crash.” A two car EV fender bender? A chain car crash? Are you kidding me? No, no, no, this is a chain car crash:

Image result for pics of major chain car crashes

Hey, is that Brad down there in the blue shirt? Lost a bit of hair no doubt. And gained weight. But then the story spends the rest of the time – about 95% of the article – telling us about Brad’s personal life…who cares?………………….Geesh.

This is way over the top: Taylor Swift spends $50B buying apartment blocks somewhere in NYC. Wow. We should be so lucky. Hopefully this latest string of real estate deals will keep her sooooo busy that we won’t have to listen to her sing anymore. One can only hope.

This just in from Ontario PC leadership race: Christine Elliott has the support of the PC Caucus:

Ontario Progressive Conservative leadership candidate Christine Elliott has the early lead when it comes to support from the PC caucus. Elliott lost to former party leader Patrick Brown in 2015.

I can see why!

Jared Fogle – remember him? The Subway pitch man – is hoping to have his case reviewed stating that the judge was biased. She preferred MacDonald’s! Looking at Jared it would appear that the Subway diet isn’t quite what it used to be:

a man standing in front of a crowd: Jared Fogle enters the Birch Bayh Federal Building and United States Courthouse for sentencing, Thursday, November 19, 2015.

Hold the mayo!

More on Elizabeth May, The Green Party Leader of One…herself…and the investigation of her bad behaviour:

“At the very time that I am pressing the council and staff to start setting aside money for the 2019 election campaign, I have asked for expenditures that will run in the tens of thousands of dollars,” Ms. May wrote in the fundraising email. “If you can manage a donation at this time, it would certainly be appreciated. I truly regret this situation and its impact on the party.”

Are you kidding me? She makes, what? $200K plus per year and she is asking us to crowd fund her investigation of herself? There is a reason you call yourself the Green Party as in green-backs……and we’re not idiots like this guy below…………Geesh.

I am ashamed to call myself a Canadian these days (Italics mine) – Thanks to Small Dead Animals for this:

Canada has no core values or core identity;

Immigrants make better Canadians than Canadians themselves;

The Budget will balance itself – with the help of my selfies;

Refugees are ISIS terrorists;

ISIS are refugees that need to be integrated;

Castro was a great man and a dear friend of Canada;

Because diversity is our strength;

Refugees, including returning ISIS Canadians, receive 3600 per month;

Veterans receive??????????????????

Sheer’s, the US Medic who was killed by Khadr, wife and kids received nada;

Terrorists are just misunderstood and should be welcomed by all Canadians;

Canada is the world’s first Post Nation State;

I admire China and their dictatorship;

$10.5M to Omar Khadr – a convicted terrorist but a true Canadian hero. Just like Louis Riel – a convicted murderer and delusional madman.

$30M given by Trudeau to 3 Canadians of Syrian roots who were detained in Syria;

$2.6B… that’s right “Billion…” given by Trudeau to the UN’s Climate Change fund;

Nada to Canadian veterans: “We just cannot afford to give our veterans any more;”

Terrorists will not lose their Canadian citizenship;

Calling “Honour Killing” barbaric is barbaric as it raises some people’s hackles; yeah the “honor killing” killers;


And on and on and on it goes………………………..People….WAKE UP. We are slowly losing our country to an idiot.


Prayer of the day: Please Lord, give us back songs and artists like this and we’ll give you back Taylor Swift:

Have a terrific Thursday.