People! It’s So Manly

This just in from a UN speech writer:

“Stercore Foraminis” is a Latin expression meaning shit-hole

Thinking of placing this Latin verse above the doors leading into the UN’s General Assembly.

On another note.

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After listening to our Prime Minister – yes Trudeau – in all of his socking glory to ban the use of the word “man” from the Canadian lexicon, I thought of this:

Only in Canada this becomes this:

Mankind                      becomes                           People-kind

Peter Mansbridge    becomes                           Peter Peoples-bridge

Man eaters                  becomes                           Purple People-eaters

Manipulate                 becomes                           People-pulate

Manitoba                     becomes                           People-toba

Man oh Man              becomes                            People – oh – People (Sermon on the Mount)

Hey Man                      becomes                           Yo people

Manager                      becomes                           People-er

Mandate                      becomes                           People-date

Mandatory                 becomes                           People-datory

Mandala                      becomes                           People – dala

Manhattan                 becomes                           People – hattan

Manhole                     becomes                            People – hole (Peep Hole for short)

Well, you get the picture. Anyone caught using the word “man” in any form, connotation, singularly or in a compound way, etc.. will be brought up in front of the Canadian Hu-People Rights Commission – People oh People….Wake up. We do have an imbecile for a Prime Minister!

Hey, Blame Margaret


Song of the day dedicated to Prime Minister Trudeau:

Happy Friday. Read ya Monday.