PyeongChange or Pyongyang? It’s Pee-yong Me!

Image result for pics of 2018 winter gamesLet’s see what’s coming up. Oh yeah, this exciting sport:

Image result for pics of boring winter sportsSee, even he agrees. He’s waving to his mom! Cute.

Cross Country Skiing. Such an exciting spectator sport. Don’t you agree:

Image result for pics of boring winter sports

Hey, wake up. Medal ceremony is about to begin.

How about this exciting display of physical prowess:

Image result for pics of boring winter sportsMaking “Snow Angels” is going to become a winter games sport competition in 2022. Can’t wait. Or this latest offering from the Brits:

Image result for pics of boring winter sports   From their Directorate of Silly Walks. That’ll work…Gotta be fun.

We need characters here to lighten things up. Like good ole Eddy the Eagle:

Image result for pics of eddy the eagleMaybe this:

Image result for pics of boring winter sports“Hey, bring the bobsled with ya next time…okay. Man oh man I have snow burn bad.”

Great games nonetheless.

What else is going on?

Trudeau and his Chief of Staff Gerald Butts thinks Canadians are fascist for daring to criticize Trudeau and his government. Fascist? Coming from our fearless leader.  It’s a joke, just like this government Minister, Catherine McKenna, after this remark:

Like, Pyongyang is in South Korea? Oh Really! Me kenna thinks it is in North Korea Catherine. When queried she could only come back and say:

“Well, hey, after all it is 2018. Geography is hard you know. Just like the New Math, as in 2 + 2 = 22.  C’mon….now move on.”

I don’t think many Canadians will be watching from Pyongyang. Just these dudes and dudesses:

Image result for pics of North Koreans watching tv in Pyongyang

이동 캐나다 이동 …(Go Canada Go)

The US is cutting taxes, eliminating regulations, and opening up more land for development. What are we doing? Well, Canada is implementing social justice based policies regarding major infrastructure and resource based projects that render Canada economically impotent. McKenna has just insisted that a Gender Based policy will over-ride the approval process in the construction of pipe-lines…… Say what! What does that mean?…..Well, perhaps this:

Image result for Pics of trudeau and pipelines

Oh Canada? You’re / we’re screwed.

After the Boushie verdict our Prime Minister denounces the Canadian justice system calling out the Judge, Jury and the system as a whole as racist. Contempt for our courts? Yet, not too long ago he upholds our justice system in awarding convicted terrorist Omar Khadr $10.5M bucks. Identity politics at its best, or worse.

Canadians should be appalled at what our so called leaders are doing to this country.