So what’s happening today at the games?

Watched the free-style skiing half-pipe woman’s and men’s qualifying. Canadian from Comox BC won the woman’s. Not sure about the men’s. I went to bed!

Appears that an American  woman representing Hungary qualified for the Olympics without even really competing. Her name: “Edna the Eagle:”…Good for her. Anyone can do this? Well no, they can’t:

“Skier wipes out on Half Pipe…while only wearing a G-string…at Whistler BC of all places.” Would have loved to seen that. “She lost her job at the local “Peeler Bar”” someone spouted.  It’s a new take on the “Pole Dance” another spectator was heard to say. Wow.

File PhotoVirtue and Moir capture their second Gold in Ice Dancing – congrats to these two Canadian skaters. Probably their swan song. Asked what’s next and Virtue said she would like to compete in the Half Pipe. “Ice dancing and the Half-Pipe” are a good mix she said. “There is some synergy involved here.” Moir was non-committal about his future but was eying Cross Country Skiing.

Russian “curler” ousted from Olympic competition for testing positive for a performance enhancing drug. What? Are you kidding me? For curling? Yeah, I guess those rocks are heavy man. Sent home. Probably going to a Russian Gulag next where he will be forced to watch Cross Country Skiing 23 hours a day. Hear he is going to compete in the summer games in Rhythmic Gymnastics!

Canadians share the gold with the Germans in the two-man bobsled competition. That was cool to watch. Tying in an event that comes down to milliseconds in timing? Incredible.

Appears Lindsay Vonn has two hidden messages on her. Great but the hype surrounding this skier continues unabated by the American Press. Hope she puts up in the downhill.

Love this comment:

Canadian Woman’s curler’s husband two-fisted drinking in the…heaven help us…. morning… while watching his wife, Holman compete:

“I’m not a drunk, I’m not an alcoholic, I’m just a Canadian”

Yeah, that says it all hoser. Asked who his role models are he responded. “Other than my wife, well, these guys of course:

Image result for pics of the mackenzie brothersSays it all about us Canucks doesn’t it?

Canadian hockey world all in a tizzy of worry because we only beat the Korean team 4 to zip (nothing). Are you kidding me. Hate to see you guys when you lose. C’mon, lighten up. It’s not that bad.

Canadian Hockey Team celebrates their 4 – 0 win over the North Korean team:

Image result for images of fighting during Olympic hockey gamesAnd when they lose all hell breaks loose:

Image result for images of fighting during Olympic hockey games

Canadian women’s curling team receives pep talk from Toronto Maple Leafs coach, Mike Babcock:

Mike Babcock standing in front of a crowd

Yeah, that should do it. This coming from a team, the Leafs, that hasn’t won a Stanley Cup since 1967. Someone once told me that the last time the Leafs won the Stanley Cup he was in diapers and he’d probably be in diapers when they win again. And how can you take a team seriously that can’t even spell Maple Leaves correctly. Huh! By the way, the woman’s team lost again…to China. Says it all but Trudeau is happy.

That’s my take. Another tune from Badfinger: Dedicated to the Olympic ideal: Perfection! A song for life. Successful conversation but stay clear of toxic social media:

Great song.