Turdeau put down his annual budget yesterday. Like previous budgets we’re falling further and further into debt. Or is that farther and farther. Its (the budget) or it’s (it is) about who you may ask or is it whom. No matter, dispense with the grammar and spelling lessons and lets look at this budget.

“The Liberals deliver a budget that has nothing to do with budgeting or the national economy” (Coyne: National Post)

Oh you mean just like Tru-dope’s knowledge of foreign affairs is entirely foreign to him? Or his stance on the environment in that no decision(s) will be made without a gender based analysis being done.

Oh you mean we’re screwed!

Image result for Pics of trudeau and pipelines

Yes this budget is the first budget in Canada, perhaps the world, that will be gender based.

What the hell does that mean? Let’s ask her:

Image result for 1927 metropolisShocking I tell you. Just shocking.

“Oh you mean we’re screwed here in Canada.

Or perhaps to put it a little more bluntly: Canadians are F&%ked as well. Gender based huh. Only in pithy Canada would someone’s body come up with one like that. Time to get off this planet.

But hey Canada, at least you have a good handle on pipelines now. Oh you mean this:

Image result for Big Weed PipesThis is about the only pipeline one will ever see in Canada under True-dope. Pity.

Gov’t wants to completely regulate all aspects of the private sector. Because, you know, only government intervention of the private sector will produce tangible results. Oh you mean like the “Phoenix” pay system – that harbinger of pay efficacy that is entirely fooked up as it is a gender based system:

Image result for pics of screwed up automationHey Canadians. With this Liberal Government:

Image result for Screwed Up MemesHard to find a song of the day for today’s post: Perhaps this is appropriate:

Short today.