Good Friday

Good Friday


The Passion


The Resurrection




Still waiting for the birth of my future grandchild. 5 days late now. Perhaps she is waiting to come to us on Easter Sunday. That would be perfect.


Another day of living – underneath God’s light

Have a nice day. Happy Easter.



15 things that irk Costco Employees. I can only think of one….Us!

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Stormy Daniels? What can one say? I think that it would probably be best to stay away from someone with a name like that.  Not in the same league as Pussy Galore though- from Goldfinger fame. That was a name one could get their head around.  Yet, all I ever have to do is look at where these articles originate from: CNN, NYT or WaPo? Then it is probably BS. Here in Canada that would equate to the CBC. Interesting that this comes from an alleged affair that occurred maybe 12 years ago. Just another one of these:

Image result for pics of alligatorsI’m going to eat you up baby.

12 years ago. And like she kept the dress! Are you kidding me? And she didn’t wash it. Wanted to keep the evidence…just in case. Prior to this interview CNN had to employ hazmat people to handle the evidence….Yuck. And the public eats this shyte up!…..Geesh.

I know a guy, retired like me, who has CNN on all day long. Are you kidding me? He believes everything he hears or sees on this station. Unfortunately he is on anti depressants right now. Poor guy.

Enough of that crap.

I had a thought today. Not original as someone else mentioned this to me. Why should the government be into health care? If the private sector took this over think of all the money the government would save. No more deficits or debt. After all we are now paying through the nose for our public universal health care. I now pay close to 300 bucks a months for the privilege of very long wait times. If it was a pay as you go system I think many of the abusers would stop abusing the system. I also know a guy who runs to the local clinic whenever he has the runs! Deep sex (sic) the system. Gee I can’t seem to rid myself of this Stormy Daniels story.

Slide 1 of 28: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and wife Ri Sol Ju, and Chinese President Xi Jinping and wife Peng Liyuan pose for a photo in Beijing. KCNA/via ReutersC’mon, smile Kim. Chinese food ain’t that bad. Hey is that your wife beside you or your sister!

Or perhaps Kim is on the Keto Diet – the latest diet fad. It takes you from this:

See the source imageBrad Pitt’s twin brother!

To this:

See the source imageKills two birds with one stone this Keto diet. Transgenders are all in a tizzy over this one.

This made my day. The difference between butter and margarine.

Butter comes from this:

Image result for pics of dairy cowsNatural, wholesome. Flatulence be damned.

While margarine is an oil with emulsifiers and comes from this:

Image result for Pics of oil wells

I’ll never eat butter again.  You learn something every day from this blog.

Just like this – a drop of water under a microscope:

See the source imageI’ll never drink water again.

This just in from the unintended consequences file: first responders answer the call of duty coming to the aid of a multiple Tesla EV car crash. Unfortunately they were all electrocuted!

Another unintended consequence: When government gets involved we go from this:

See the source image the no fun this

while just down the street we go from this:

See the source image to this…See the source image

Finally I have to give my head a shake. At the Kinder Morgan Pipeline protests the Antifa activists call the RCMP pigs:

All the while living in Shangri-La themselves. So, who are the real pigs here?

See the source imageSong for the day.

Have a terrific Thursday.



Who Am I

Who am I?

  • If I believe that we should live within out means, at all levels of government, then call me a conservative;
  • If I am for pro-life, then call me a conservative;
  • If I believe in strong family values, then call me a conservative;
  • If I have respect for people of authority, then call me a conservative;
  • If I have respect for my fellow man, then call me a conservative;
  • If I believe that parents should instil values into our children, and not by proxy, then call me a conservative;
  • If I believe parents should instill mores into our children then call me a conservative;
  • If I believe in God and call myself a Christian, then call me a conservative;
  • If I believe in the “rule of law” then call me a conservative;
  • If I believe in a strong country with strong human rights then call me a conservative;
  • If I believe that an individual(s) should be assessed on merit and not by gender, or race, then call me a conservative;
  • If I believe in a binary gender code of conduct, then call me a conservative;
  • If I believe in helping my fellow man, then call me a conservative;
  • If I believe in our duly elected representatives, right or left, then call me a conservative;
  • If I believe in personal responsibility, then call me a conservative;
  • If I believe that there are consequences, good or bad, for our individual action(s) then call me a conservative;
  • If I don’t believe in handouts, except for those that legitimally need them, then call me a conservative;
  • If I believe in a hard work and moral ethos then call me a conservative;
  • If I believe that the actions of our teachers should be solely focused on the fundamentals of education – the 3 rs, and nothing else,then call me a conservative;
  • If I believe that university professors should teach and not pontificate or indoctrinate, then call me a conservative;
  • If I believe in critical thought then call me a conservative;
  • If I appal “Group Think,” then call me a conservative;
  • If I believe in free speech then call me a conservative;
  • If I don’t believe in entitlements, for their own sake, then call me a conservative;
  • If I believe that universities do more harm than good, then call me a conservative;
  • If I respect our military, then call me a conservative; and
  • If I respect myself, then call me a conservative.

If any of the above are questionable, objectionable or offensive to you, then call yourself a liberal.

Some mysteries of life:

Have you ever noticed how many sick people shop at health food stores?? Hmmm?;

How politicians are able to talk out of both sides of their mouths, at the same time?;

Why is it that an electrical cord, or a length of line, when wound up correctly, is full of knots when unwinding? Hmmm?

When things go wrong they really go wrong;

The bus always comes along right after you light up that cigarette.

The time waiting in line at checkout is inversely proportional to the length of that line;

The 4 most terrifying words that a single male will ever hear while waiting to pay at a grocery store checkout line; “Price check, aisle 3”

Enough for now.


Song for the day. A forgotten classic:



I Won’t Back Down

A short story. True as the day is long?


Frustration! That sinking feeling when nothing seems to go according to Hoyle.

And who is that guy Hoyle anyway?

Yet, as much as we try to rectify a situation or make ourselves understood, for whatever reason, we just fall farther and farther and farther into a bottomless pit. No matter how hard we try to dig ourselves out, with every shovelful of dirt, the deeper and deeper we sink into the quagmire.

Is there anything we can do about this?

In my humble opinion there is nothing that can be done. Oh yes, I have checked with leading psychologists and sociologists and they all tell me that it is just a natural everyday occurrence of life. There is absolutely nothing in this world of ours that you can do about it. It sucks. Bigly. Indeed, the local Manotick astrologist tells me that the stars are sometimes aligned against us. Orion steps of the crab….you! It is better just to accept our fate, go with the flow, and disengage until things get better.

I found myself in a frustrating situation a few weeks back that illustrates just what I mean. Consider this:

Once a week I buy my lunch at work, usually on a Wednesday. And I normally go for the cholesterol fix of a greasy hamburger with cheese and bacon and a side order of onion rings. You know, all of the major food groups of the day. Now this artery busting concoction comes to about $5.75 with tax. It has been the same price for months.

One Wednesday I wandered down to the cafeteria, checked my money, and noticing that I had only about 6 bucks, I decided to order my usual. When the order came up I moseyed on up to the cash and waited for my turn to pay. The cashier, a rather petite French Canadian girl, took my order, rang it in, and told me I owed her $6.50. Whoa is me. Just a little surprised and somewhat embarrassed because I was short of funds, and, knowing the price from past purchases, I told her that she must have made a mistake.

“No, no, no,” says she, rather emphatically. “That,” pointing to my order, “is the Banquet Burger Special. $6.50 please.”

“What special?” says I

“Banquet burger, fries or onion rings and a drink.” She said

“But I don’t have a drink.” I countered

“Well get one” she ordered, like the drill sergeant that she was. I checked to see if she was wearing army boots. Nope, okay.

“But I don’t want one. Tell you what. Just ring in the banquet burger and an order of onion rings.”

“I can’t do that” she said. “You have the special and you owe me $6.50. Now pay up!”

Incensed, and totally frustrated, knowing full well that the line was getting longer. I could feel the customers behind me. Their eyeful stares felt like daggers and their exaggerated sighs and harrumphs seemed to be burning a rather large hole in my back. I was flushed with rage.

My blood boiling, I left the line and went back to the short order cook. I checked the menu: Banquet Burger – $3.25, Onion Rings – $1.50. With tax about $5.50. The special? – Banquet Burger, Fries or Onion Rings and a Large Drink – $5.95, with tax – about $6.50.

I waited in line and when the cook asked for my order I showed him mine and told him that I only wanted a Banquet Burger and Onion Rings. Could he please mark my order as such and charge me $4.75.

“Sure.” He said. He took my styro-foam take out box and marked the outside as a Banquet Burger and a side order of Onion Rings – rather than the special. Pleased with myself, and confident, I sauntered back to the cashier. “I’ll show her who’s boss here,” I thought to myself, rather smugly. She looks at me rather objectionably, looks at the box, then rings up $6.50. I tell her she is making a mistake. Banquet Burger and Onion Rings…only.

“Yes” she says, “the special.”

“No, no, no, says I, rather emphatically.”It is not the special. It is the Banquet Burger and Onion Rings. No drink.”

“Well, get a drink” she says.


“I’m sorry, that is the special and you owe me $6.50.”

“Well I am short. I’ll be right back.”

What could I do? My blood continued to boil, my blood pressure, well…pressurized and ready to pop. Totally frustrated in not being able to make myself understood, I left the box on the counter and walked briskly over to the cash ATM that we had in our building. I would take out a 20 and pay for the special. What the hell, a buck fifty for a cash advance plus an additional buck fifty that my bank was going to charge me. 3 bucks plus, PLUS the damn special – $9.50 for the Banquet Burger. I was so mad, but I wasn’t going to take it anymore. I would have paid 100 bucks to get out of this predicament. I felt like George Costanza of Seinfeld fame.

To make matters worse the ATM was out of order. Of course it was, on this day and at this moment in time. It was never out of order. Oh yes but it knew, this machine knew, that poor old Johnny was in a predicament. Yes, yes it knew all right. Paranoia was setting in. I was close to turning postal, and psycho.

I guess some guy noticed my frustration.

“Hey, if you need some money the convenience store will give you a cash advance.”

“Great” I said, trying very hard to keep my cool and my anger checked.

I walked over to the little store and asked very politely but somewhat impatiently for a cash advance.

“Sure,” said the clerk, “But you’ll have to buy something for 5 bucks.”

What? What’s that you said. 5 bucks?? Hmmmmm. Okay, okay what the hell: chocolate bar, soap, chips, deodorant. Sure, 5 bucks. “Here,”

“Now give me the bleep, bleep money” – I thought to myself.

Money in hand and with a bagful of unwanted goodies, I went back to the cafeteria, picked up my take-out box, went to the cash, gave her 10 bucks and left without waiting for my change. I was afraid at what I would do.

“Hey, don’t you want your drink,” she yelled at me as I high tailed it out of there.

A true story. And one that I am sure everyone has experienced at some time or another. Anal retentiveness. Yesss and perhaps the most underused expression in our vocabulary. And one of my favourites.

So? What can one do? What can you do?

I remember driving home, still incensed. Not a very smart thing to do: getting behind the wheel of a 2 ton machine, driving through downtown Ottawa, facing the summer road construction, and pedestrians. Yes pedestrians, they were all targets of my frustration. Should I or shouldn’t I? Hmmm.

And yet, driving along Colonel By Drive toward Hogsback Falls, I was oblivious to the sweet smell of summer, the tranquil waters of the Rideau, the sparkling green silken sheen of Dow’s Lake. Past Carleton University, up a small hill to the traffic light at Hogsback Falls. The light was red. Of course it was. Waiting and waiting and waiting for what seemed to be an eternity – the falls to my left, the water crashing against the rocks. And I was sure the rock gods were laughing at me in the summer’s sun. “Morrison? What an idiot,” they all mocked at me. “Hey, Morrison, idiot, do ya want a drink? Ha,ha ha!” I was still ticked – and the whole world was out to get me and… I was getting weird!!

Just then a parade of black cars appeared. They were all turning left onto Col By from Prince of Wales Drive, their headlights on. And then, a long black hurse appeared. Majestic, solemn and silent, its smooth polished grain moved graciously, as if floating, through the traffic. Watching, reverently, as the motorcade drove by, I thought to myself.

“Y’know John, Things could be a great deal worse.” And with that the light turned green and I was on my way – but this time a song was brewing in my heart and a smile began to form on my face. Yes, life was good.

Yet I had to ask myself: “I wonder if he, or she, in the back of that big black hurse had just wanted the Banquet Burger and Onion Rings too.”

True story……………………….honest!

Song for the day:

I won’t back down. I’ll stand my ground.



Who Would You Rather Be

Who would you rather be?

A driver in life:

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Or a passenger:

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You thought RF pollution was bad now, wait for this:

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And after a few years of exposure to this RF?

Its a killer people or wo-people.  I don’t know about you but I love driving.

See the source imageDriverless cars?……..Geesh. Just look at it:

See the source image

Are you kidding me?

And speaking of snowflakes. Love this quote:

“Growing up there is one important lesson worth noting. A child will learn half of what he or she is required to know about life from his teachers and family. The other half he or she will learn from bullies.” It is true. All of the rhetoric, the programs and all of the pink shirt days out there do absolutely nothing to address or stop a bully. This does:

See the source imageBullies are cowards. Fight back. As far as cyber bullying goes? Just turn the damn thing off. Simple. Don’t be a snowflake!

And, if you don’t think bullying is alive and well in the real adult world all one has to do is look at Hollywood, late night talk shows, ANTIFA, BLM, Universities, or any of the other tolerant leftist rants about Conservatives, Pro Lifers, Christians, Marriage, values and on and on it goes. And how did these do gooders get their bullying credentials? In school!

From the: “They don’t give a rat’s ass about deficits or debt so why should I” file comes this: Notley Triples Alberta’s Deficit

The Trudeau Liberals are resisting criticism of this foolhardy mission from both left and right. Canadian soldiers will be Mali-bound come summertime. And just so the world know this will be a gender driven mission where over half of the Peacekeepers will be female. That should go over well in this “Shit-Hole” of a country where 99% of the population is Muslim!

There is a Plan B that involves the cosmic coincidence that about 250 “Canadians” are suspected of travelling overseas to engage in terrorist activity — which is the exact number of troops the Liberals want to send to Mali… (Rebel)

Whoa………………….Let’s see how Trudeau squirms out of this one when the shyte hits the fan:

See the source imageToday I am a Muslim.

Tomorrow I will be a Sikh

See the source imageA few weeks ago I was an Indian Princess….er Prince:

Image result for pics of trudeau in indiaDear Shiva, god of wardrobe. I really want to be an Indian. Whoosh. Okay here you are then:

Image result for pics of trudeau as an indian





Or how about being an anarchist:

See the source image

Or, or, or maybe Superman:

See the source image

Oh, how I love being me. Let’s see. Maybe tomorrow I can be the Prime Minister of Canada. Hmmm, maybe not. Sooo boring.

Hey, but I am Prime Minister Justin Trudeau………………….and you’re not!

Happy Monday: