How Progressive.

I thought I would start off with this one:

Women in Mexico are getting hitched to trees as a way to call attention to illegal logging that is devastating their state of Oaxaca.This is where progressiveness is taking us. Women, er sorry, wo-people are marrying trees to save the planet. The greenie progressives have taken tree hugging, Gaia worshipping, to hole new levels. Unintended consequences occurred during the subsequent wedding night where the police had to be called to cut down on the screaming and yelling coming from these brides. They surely got the shaft here…or short end of the stick…or…well, let’s be somewhat romantic here and play this tune:

The wedding song…yes…dedicated to all of those wannabee tree hugging brides out there…”Unchained Melody.” This guy get’s it.

See the source imageAnd her:

See the source imageHmmm. Then again, maybe I was a bit too hasty here…………Sign me up!

Then there is this bit of progressiveness. Gorilla statue that had been in a children’s playground for 19 years was removed due to a few complaints that said it was racially insensitive. A Gorilla..insensitive?…really?Okay…gone…poor kids.

img 8114 Gorilla Statue Removed After Complaints It Was Racially Insensitive

If only we could do something similar to this guy:

See the source image

If I complain about him being racially insensitive or racially inappropriate will they remove him? One can only hope. Oh we only do that to kids huh? Sorry, not progressive enough I guess.


Be careful what you wish for as a progressive. Progressive Nirvana? It is spelled………… V..E..N..E..Z..U..E..L..A

And for all you progressive climate cultists out there comes this.

This is what happens when we run out of greenhouse gas. We freeze!

“It is the end of snow” I tells ya.

The Oscars are coming up this weekend. Soon to be called Oscar Myer Weiners. Organizers, in their tribute to climate change, global warming and the UN IPCC, as well as all those Alligators out there, agree that 2017 was indeed the Hottest Year on Record. Ole Harv could only smile. Oprak grinned in acknowledgement. And that is why I will not be watching. In fact I do not watch any of these award shows except maybe the Country Music Awards – good clean family fun. Just ask Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert.

Why I hold no credence with respect to Holly’s Woody in the Morning? Well, up for best picture this year: “The Shape of Water.” Progressive physics run amok. Water has no shape. It is fluid. No matter as this movie is anti family, anti American and anti values. And that is why, Auntie Maxine, that I will never watch it. Movies such as this flaunt and celebrate a toilet, gutter value system and an overtly selfish me generation. Count me out.

Song for today: Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit:

Happy Friday. Read ya Monday.