I Need a New Drug

I see Holly’s Woody in the Morning has their big night last night. All of the Alligators were out there en masse:

Like fashion hits and misses……………..Who cares!

Like Bolly’s Woody in the morning.  Visual pollution or Nightmare on Holly’s Woody Boulevard.                                                                                                                          Slide 7 of 48: <p><a href="https://www.wonderwall.com/celebrity/profiles/overview/salma-hayek-392.article">Salma Hayek</a> attends the 90th Annual Academy Awards in Hollywood on March 4, 2018.</p>I guess the “#metoo” and “#timesup” were the predominant themes at this years gab fest. How about “#shut the fook up” and “#sit down” hashtags. That would have been more relevant to me…but I didn’t watch the Oscars. I never do because of the hypocrisy of these dudes and dude-esses. I heard that the “Shape of Water” won for best picture – soon to be the major attraction at Disney’s “Lost Lagoon” or “Typhoon” theme park.

Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue takes no prisoners…and he didn’t even cry!

Slide 11 of 12: <p>"I've got something to say," McDormand said at the beginning of her <a href="http://people.com/movies/oscars-2018-frances-mcdormand-best-actress/">Best Actress acceptance speech</a>. And boy, did she: After honoring her fellow cast members, the crew and her family, McDormand had all of the female nominees in all categories in the room stand up, so that they could all be honored for their hard work. "All of these women have projects that need funding," she said, "Don't talk to us about it at the parties. Schedule a meeting at your office — or you can come to our office, what ever suits you best."</p>Frances McDormand wearing her green tribute to tree hugging brides the world over. A prickly outfit for sure. See Friday’s post.

Enough of the Oscar Mayer wieners out there. What else is going on here?

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Hard to believe over 2,000 deaths of elderly as a result of freezing in their homes during this latest freeze fest in the UK. In their own homes!! But then again a small price to pay to promote the Green agenda.

Tragic! I says…tragic.

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But this…goin on in the UK and parts of Europe right now? That’s okay.

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Oh well. Price of doing business to promote our green economy, don’t you know. No story here…move on! After all it is 2018 you know! Yeah? I would have thought it was 1518 with these pictures.

Next years Best Picture Oscar goes to: “The Shape of Things to Come” The Greenies are so happy. “Well this kills two birds with one stone,” one of the green movie activists was heard to say. “We get to pursue and impose our green agenda on hu – people – ty and reduce the population of the planet at the same time. It’s a win – win situation for us” as the director of this new movie remarked during his acceptance speech. The “#shut the fook up” and “#sit down” crowd were removed from the Oscar Mayer Weiner venue prior to the Best Picture Oscar being announced.

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Who me? I won for “The Shape of Things to Come”

And next year’s “Best Song” Oscar goes to:

Hypocrisy know no bounds  with the Holly’s Woody in the Morning crowd:

Actor Kevin Spacey ostracized for gay behaviour in alleged sexual assault  of  a 14 year old male. Yet this picture wins an Oscar for “Best Adaptive Screen Play” and was nominated for “Best Picture.” What is it about? Well I do not dare show any of the pictures but it’s about an older man’s pursuit of a younger male youth. Lauded by the Holly’s Woody in the Morning elite as ground breaking. Are you kidding me? Amazing that these people just do not get it! And that is another reason I don’t watch the Oscars or any award shows anymore.

GEESH! Happy Monday.

Man oh man I have a headache. I obviously need a new drug with all of this Oscar buzz BS going around.