Dead End Street

Wine for oil. Well, I guess their both fluid. BC doesn’t want oil from Alberta but they want the wine to keep flowing. Well let’s reverse the Kinder Morgan pipeline and start pumping wine through it to the wineries in Alberta. Change out the oil refineries into wineries. That should do it. We cannot drive or heat our homes but our hearts and souls will remain warm and fuzzy with a bottle of Shiraz. If we become so drunk and inebriated with the grape heck we won’t be able to drive our cars anyway and we won’t really know or care if our houses are freezing cold.  We could then change our national anthem to; doo – do-do-do-do-do-do-do-doo and put these guys on our money:

See the source imageIf we’re all pissed and can’t drive our cars then who gives a rats ass about our driveways anyway. Yess….go for it I says. Let’s adopt Venezuela’s oil policy:

Love those red berets. Reminds me of the grape. Oil for wine program. A huge success. Pissed all the time.

Don’t ya just love our Liberal policies. Let’s see. We now have:

Gender budget:  “Yo honey, bring home some Shiraz will ya. Yeah, I got the Instant Pot going”

Gender pipelines: “Turn on the Merlot spigot…now”

Gender infrastructure: “1,000 BPD output. That’s bottles per day, not barrels.”

Gender military: “Splice the main-brace honeybunch. Shiraz or Merlot?”

Gender environment: “Marry a tree and save the planet.”

Gender everything: Yo!

Gender decision making – oxymoronic.

Heard around the Liberal policy table in Ottawa:

Image result for Time Zone of Confusion Funny Pics

“No Gladys, you do it.” “No Martha I insist. You do it.” “No Gladys I can’t do it. You do it.” “Really. No, you do it.” “No you do it,” “No you do it.” “No you do it.”

Now caught at a gender policy impasse Martha and Gladys turn to their gender neutral colleague for guidance. “Hey Francis Frances, what do you think?” “Huh” Francis Frances laments and smiles as he pours himself another glass of Shiraz!

This new fangled kitchen appliance is called “Instant Pot”

All the crack and potheads out there are in a tizzy over this new appliance.

“Yaaayyyy.No more grow-ops,” one pothead was heard to remark. “No need for hydroponics either man…er people.” “It’s gender neutral as well,” a third crackhead added. “You gotta like that.”

“It’s smokin bad people!”

It was in the new Liberal gender budget. All of the middle class in Canada will get one. “It’s gender neutral man…er woman…er I mean people / wo-people. We’re all getting screwed but we won’t care as we’ll all be stoned while the government is screwing us. Yo, Truedope…its a win-win situation I tells ya.”

And this guys reaction to this new appliance says it all:

See the source image

Oscar’s lowest rating yet. Viewers must have been reading this blog.

The two nannies who take care of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s three young children are on track to cost Canadian taxpayers nearly $100,000 a year.  So, how’s the $10 a day child care benefit going to help average Canadians you ask? Just back from his India sojourn, the Prime Minister responded by saying: “Well, I’m the Prime Minister of Canada and you’re not! Oh how I love being me.”

We’re all living on a Dead End Street: