I saw a documentary about Flint Michigan on Netflix last week. Covered off the decline of the town and the plight of law enforcement in their attempt to serve their public. It was sad. Of course it then degenerated into the usual progressive thought process about whitey, white privilege, racism, bigotry and everything else that seems to be in vogue in today’s victimization culture. Interesting that all of the racist rhetoric in this toxic vein of a documentary originated from people of colour.

I am getting fed up with it all. Here is my take on it:

  • I am Caucasian and I make no apologies for the colour of my skin;
  • I have worked very hard for everything that I have accomplished over the years. No one gave me any perks or handouts because of my skin colour;
  • I do not have a racist bone in my body so stop calling me a racist just because of the colour of my skin or my views;
  • Yes, there are bad, racist white folk out there just as there are bad, racist people of colour;
  • Victimization and identity politics is ruining our country;
  • Take responsibility for your own actions and stop blaming everyone else for your failures or your faults;
  • Get an education;
  • Work, work and work again;
  • Don’t get pregnant at 16;
  • Don’t do drugs. Stay away from marijuana;
  • If you have to move to find work then move;
  • Don’t expect the military, law enforcement, essential services to adapt to your needs. You must adapt to meet theirs;
  • You’re being paid to work so work;
  • No one owes you a living;
  • Political correctness is undermining our values;
  • Embrace personal failures or setbacks as a learning experience;
  • I don’t criticize you for your atheist views so stop criticizing me for my Christianity;
  • There are and will be consequences for your actions, good or bad;
  • If you want to be gay, transgendered or LGBTQUERTY, so be it but stop pushing your lifestyle onto me. I do not care. It makes no difference to me;
  • We should not have to adapt to meet your needs. You have to adapt to meet the needs of your employer, family and your community;
  • If you see garbage lying around, clean it up;
  • Get involved with your children;
  • There is nothing wrong with being a stay at home mom or pop;
  • If you do not have any responsibilities then you have no rights;
  • Self discipline!;
  • There is more to life than granite countertops or stainless steel appliances;
  • Take back you community;
  • Live within your means;
  • The government owes you nothing;
  • You are not entitled to anything that you haven’t worked hard for.

That is my rant for today.

Heard this song the other day. Brought back a lot of memories: