Losing My Religion

This headline caught my attention:

“Free boobs & wieners’: Pranksters offer public fondling on Tokyo streets” Good ole Harv was seen in passing with a smile on his face. Can’t make this stuff up.

“BTW. Where can I get a one way ticket to Tokyo anyway?”

Is this living room messy?

Seems a woman in the UK posted this picture of her living room on-line and asked for input. She was shocked by the outcome. Messy? No way. Just lived in. What’s the old saying: “One man’s garbage is anther man’s treasure….trove of shyte here folks.” Steven Hawking purported (how I love that word – I learned it at University): “What a black hole.” How on earth or in heaven could one find anything there?”While Trump added: “What a shit-hole.”

Seems that Steven Hawking just passed away. He was a brilliant guy until he waded into stuff that he wasn’t an expert in. Like faith or religion. Or the flogging of some magic pill that would cause one to use 100 % of his brain power or become a homosexual. Unintended consequences of taking this pill. Well you too could be just like Steven Hawking or Anderson Cooper, or have a head like this:

“Jesus H Christ!” someone was heard to say after seeing this. Yes, but Christ doesn’t have a middle initial.

Or this:

Hawking? R.I.P

This is just another reason I don’t watch the news of TV:

Trump ordered Tillerson to eat salad during dinner in China: report

Seems Tillerson had a good laugh over that one. Appears that the incident is a reflection on the tense relationship between the two men. Shortly thereafter Tillerson was fired.

“It was the salad I tells you. I wanted French but had to accept Chinese. Have you ever had Chinese soy sauce as a salad dressing? Disgusting…just disgusting.” another great moment in the halls of power politics. “I quit. No you’re fired! No, I quit I tells you. No Rex, you’re fired!” “Eat shyte Trump” he was heard to remark on leaving.

Jennifer Gardner speaks out on her same-sex kiss: Oh I get it now. Women are softer. No wonder women kiss women” Wonder Woman had nothing to say about this diss – er kiss.

Students walk out in protest across the US….oh it’s exam time again is it?

The Queen is not amused; Claire Foy paid less than her co-star on “The Crown” Seems that her “gazillion dollar contract isn’t enough. Poor girl.

Speaking of religion, faith or beliefs Disney rewrites “Wrinkle in Time” and takes out all references to Christianity. Reason? Diversity and Inclusiveness. Do these guys even read their own press releases. So they replace a basic but underlying tenet of this story with every eastern religious icon imaginable and cover off just about every aspect of social justice creed and leftist ideology. This movie will fail bigly at the box office…and deservedly so.

Song for the day in honour of Hawking and Disney. Not me!

Have a nice day.