I Ran So Far Away

CNN conducts an interview with a student on lockdown at a Maryland High School shooting incident but had to stop it when the police arrived at the student’s classroom. C’mon CNN, how shameless can you get? Go back to covering Trump. As for the student? Anything to get his 15 minutes of fame….Geesh. Sad state of affairs.

USS Lexington, CV 2 discovered at the bottom of the Coral Sea. Lexington took part in the world’s first carrier vs carrier naval battle in which combatants fought via naval air at least 100 of miles apart. Amazing!

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And on the not so obvious file comes this: Canadian dollar flat when measured against the US greenback. Who knew?….Geesh.

Vancouver Real Estate Madness: $6.98M for this home.

Slide 1 of 3: 031918-png0319Nhouse-03Are you kidding me? Who can possibly put on a straight face when offering this rare gem? Reason? Location, Location, Location! No it’s rather Pay-cation, Pay-cation, Pay-cation…at least to me anyway.

Roger’s Centre in Toronto seen as being one of the worst venues in Baseball. I don’t see it that way at all. It was once state of the art with its retractable roof. Hugely innovative at the time. And right downtown as well. Not great for football perhaps but purpose built for baseball. They rate San Francisco as being the best. I don’t see it that way. Went to a Giants game in July once and froze my ass off. It was freezing.  No, Roger’s is just fine with me.

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Donald Trump Jr’s wife  Vanessa files for divorce due to Don Jr’s infidelity. Just look at those eyes Junior…….Scary………..No smarts at all. I would run so far away if I were you Donald and seek forgiveness from Vanessa.

Not a great way to promote yourself or your ideas:

An Uber self-driving test vehicle was traveling around 40 mph when it struck and killed a woman late Sunday in a Phoenix suburb.

Back to the ole drawing board. I feel bad for the woman. When asked who was driving….there was dead silence from Uber.

From the nutzoid file comes this nugget:  “If you suggest that the laws of electromagnetism don’t dramatically alter depending on the melanin levels of the person doing the maths, then you just don’t care about “students of Colour” being “victims of deculturalization” and being “invalidated.”

Are we in trouble as a society? As long as people accept this kind of BS, you bet we are!

Bell Canada is conducting trial runs in rural communities to test the next generation of 5G technology. Last March, Huawei and the Ontario government announced they would focus on 5G technology at the Chinese company’s Canada Research Centre in Kanata, Ont. In December, Huawei included Carleton University in its 5G research.


U.S. security officials say Huawei products and the new 5G technology provide China with the capacity to conduct remote spying and maliciously modify or steal information or even shut down systems.

This guy says there is nothing to worry about. No story here…move on.

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The innovative Chinese artist Weiwei agreed. Move on. Of course he should know given his own networking social media acumen as shown here:

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Then there is this. Just more in line with our PM’s feminist thoughts:

The Canadian military’s upcoming foray into Mali is expected to include a marked female presence as the Trudeau government looks to have Canada lead by example in the push to have more women on peacekeeping missions.”

Yeah that will work in a shit-hole of a country that is 99% Muslim. I am sure these Muslim warlords will welcome these female peacekeepers with open arms. “Yeah, but we’re Canadians. And its 2018 so put that in your Sharia pipe and smoke it.” An anonymous source in the Prime Minister’s office was heard to say. Okay……………..!

Somewhat of a lackluster day today. Not too much craziness going on.

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