Song of Bernadette

Countdown to Vezelay: 117 Days to go.

See the source imageVezelay is one of the staring points of the “Via Limovicensis” to St Jean Pied de Port French pilgrimage. In the middle ages pilgrims from northern Europe took this route as part of the Camino De Santiago pilgrimage in Spain. This aspect of the pilgrimage is 900 kilometers in length. But you can’t look at it that way. It is just 20-25 kilometers per day.

People do this for a variety of reasons. Generally people do this at an important juncture in their lives: be it a religious, spiritual, physical or social reason, there is no one purpose that overrides one over the other. It becomes a very personal journey. It is also a challenge in planning, preparation and execution. I am very excited about this walk and am looking forward to it. It is also providing me with a focus during a very difficult time in my own life – the loss of my wife of 40 years.

See the source imageI have always loved the old world vibe and architecture of Europe, especially the massive cathedrals. Vezelay is said to have some of the remains of Mary Magdellan. Perhaps. Maybe not. But this Catholic mythology gives Vezelay its unique charm and patina.

Part of the route takes one to a place called Nevers, France, which is the final resting place of St Bernadette de Soubirous, of Lourdes fame. I definitely want to visit that shrine. There are also many other sites to see along the way.

Wish me luck. Still a 117 days to go though, before I depart.

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