White Flags

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Wow, only in the UK. Teenager says selling her virginity online ruined her life, Aleexandra stated. Aleexandra? What sort of name is that? I can see Alexandra but Aleexandra with two e’s. Why? Is that to say she leaks? Or to differentiate herself from Alex? But the “dra” would have done that for sure.

She goes on to say that the sale didn’t occur and that she recovered emotionally through the support of her husband. Yup, she sold her virginity to him and he will be paying for the rest of their married life….a couple of years perhaps in this me,me,me generation we live in….geesh. Her 15 seconds of shame!

Kinder Morgan pipeline? Dead in the water. Do not believe Trudeau and his rhetoric that he supports this and it will be a “go” because it is in our national interest. In France recently he touted that the energy sector in Canada is an embarrassment to the world. One he is personally ashamed of and that he would love to get Canada off of the energy teat as quickly as possible.

So he and Macron have great synergy on this file.  Kinder Morgan will soon raise the “white flag” and abandon this venture – a move that the French will applaud as it is a sign of the new “white flag” economy, one that France has much experience with.

Trudeau beamed then asked Macron where the closest Barista “joint” was.

As with solar energy, wind power and other forms of alternative energy like “Beano” or “Pork n Beans,” (forever popular in the Muslim world) the stats on electric / hybrid car sales are pretty poor if not consistent at about 2-3% over the past decade. The environ – mental whackos would have us think differently.

Only in Canada: Child Molesters can change their names to begin a “new” life. Provincial governments approve….disgusting!

I think this is one issue Trudeau could wrap his arms around and sort things out.

“This completely changes everyone’s thinking about how the immune system works – and it solves this problem of telling the difference between invaders and self,” Goodnow told The Australian Financial Review.

What’s so exciting here is that the adaptation essentially represents a new kind of immunity we never knew about.

This finding could pave the way to discovering new vaccines to fight infections like HIV and campylobacter, which hide from our immune systems by effectively mimicking our own biological material.

Campylobacter? What on earth is that? Scary stuff! I’ll never go camping again nor will I ever eat lobster.

“The idea that you could start with a bad antibody and make it good just hasn’t been in anyone’s lexicon.”

Exciting stuff. And what will happen now with this new discovery?….. Nothing!

From the squeamish millennial file comes this:

Supermarkets in the…UK…. are bout to introduce touch free meat products for millennials who are afraid to touch raw meat before cooking it.

They cook?

Scientists have discovered that if we eat less and eat with a balanced diet we can live longer. Only downfall to all of this they found was that we would begin to look like these guys:


“How cute.” A PETA warrior was heard to remark. “Sign me up”

A “Clockwork Orange” anyone

The Cable Non-News Network brought up the “Trump watched prostitutes pee on themselves in Moscow” segment 77 times over a 5 day period. They showed it 48 times on April 13th (Friday???).  And this doesn’t reflect a Trump Derangement Syndrome symptom?


Geesh. Where is Edward R Murrow when you need him…. Dead! Just like CNN!

LA and California progressives want books banned – ones they don’t like…like “Winnie the Pooh” as being too racist. White privilege! Remember this:

See the source imageNazis burning books they don’t like.

History repeats itself today in Californication.

A headline you’ll never read here in Canada:

South Korean president credits Trump with bringing North Korea to the table. Trump conceivably ends 68 year old cold war.

CNN and the Nobel Peace Prize committee’s response:

“Bastard, Warmonger, Idiot, Bombastard; Psychopath”

Hillary Clinton wins 2018 Nobel Peace Prize for reigning in the North Korean dictator and bringing him to the peace table.

No more of this. Have a terrific Thursday.

Song of the day. A little upbeat. Why Part 2

Been trying to find Part 1 without success.