Laughter Is The Best Medecine

I wrote a book: Kurofune: The Black Ships. It has been published through Amazon and Kindle. Getting great reviews. Check it out by hitting the link at the top right of this page. All proceeds from the sale of this book go to a really great cause…!

Can’t wait for Vezelay. Coming up to 103 more sleeps. Great.

See the source imageThis is where I start the 900km walk!

Thought I would start with a joke today:

CELIBACY can be a choice in life, or it can be a condition imposed by
certain environmental encounters.

While attending a marriage counselling symposium last weekend, John and
his wife, Ann, listened to the instructor declare:

“It is essential that husbands and wives know the things that are
important to each-other.” He addressed the men, “Can you name and
describe your wife’s favourite flower…?”

John leaned over, touched Ann’s arm gently and whispered, “Robin Hood
All-Purpose, isn’t it?”

And thus began John’s life of celibacy.

That joke reminded me of the time I bought some pots and pans for my wife for her birthday. That did not go over well. Almost divorced. I tried my luck a few years later when I asked her if she wanted a new “drill” for Christmas. That was bad too.

“Do you like to live life dangerously?” she asked me.

Hey, I’m a guy right? Say no more.

Hey check this out. An innocent age of laughter:

Song of the day. A tune that I will definitely listen to on my IPod during this walk:

Collective Soul: “Let’s Gel”

Have a great weekend. Read ya Monday.