Japanese Enzymes

99 more sleeps to Vezelay

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Enzyme that was being researched by the Japanese was found to eat plastic by mistake. Wow: They can eat plastic bottles? Unfortunately landfills in Japan are starting to look like this:

See the source imageUnintended consequences.

Did you know that mammals became smaller after the introduction of humans? Especially in North America! Of course its “whitey’s” fault. Well no. Who populated North America before “whitey?”  Oh damn, move on. No story here folks.

From the Bananarama file comes this bit of news. According to CNN, the cable news networks that aired this piece 47 times in one hour, shows some guy who fractured his “penis:”. How can this be? I thought. The penis is a muscle. So how can you fracture a muscle? You can’t but you can definitely pull a muscle! This is……… CNN.

M n M hits 10 years of sobriety:

Yeah, he looks happy!     Eminem.

I like the yellow ones best!

From the: “I couldn’t care less file comes this:”

25 Things You Shouldn’t Do At A Gym: and farting wasn’t one of them. Whew. Thanks to the “beano” gawds for that.

From the “Who gives two ^%$& file comes this:”

Kendall Jenner flirting with Diplo. Diplo? Diplo? Who on earth calls themselves that? “Oh he used to be known as Dipstick the Dipshit.” his publicist was heard to remark. Fans were getting confused so he changed his name to Diplo.

Kendall Jenner was seen getting close to Diplo as they partied at the 2018 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California.Why can he just be known as George?

By the way. Who the *&^% is Kendall Jenner? Caitlyn’s twin brother?

From the “Die caught of mee” file comes this: The Trudeau government has refused to act on this issue (Kinder Morgan Pipeline expansion) in any meaningful way despite the constitution clearly saying that something like a pipeline that crosses provincial borders is within federal jurisdiction. BC says otherwise then castigates Alberta and Saskatchewan for operating and threatening BC within the realm of the Canadian Constitution. Of course the constitution also says I should be able to take beer across a provincial border and the Supreme Court just ripped that up with Trudeau’s help.

“Damn,” these guys remarked. Did they say Beer? No Beer?

See the source imageConcerned Canadians.

Meanwhile, back at the farm our dear leader is shown working (no joke) while a photographer takes a picture of a photographer taking Dear Leader’s picture.

Of course our Dear Leader is autographing a picture of himself. “Hard work” he was heard to remark. “You know, I could get “Harpo Tundra” syndrome from doing this.”

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Only in Canada would you see this headline:

In Blocking Beer, Supreme Court (of Canada) Shows Horgan (Premier of BC) The Path to Block the Pipeline. It then goes on to say: “Collateral damage of the Supreme Court’s decision that beer needs to be criminalized to protect milk, John Horgan gets the court’s blessing to block the pipeline and to criminalize beer to protect milk.

Latest heard from concerned Canadians:

See the source image“Wait! Did they say to protect Milk??

Harvard decides that Free Speech is far right.

No it’s “far out” man.

How far down the toilet has our civil-ization run?:

“Barbara Bush was a generous and smart and amazing racist who, along with her husband, raised a war criminal. F*** outta here with your nice words,” the professor tweeted. “I’m happy the witch is dead. Can’t wait for the rest of her family to fall to their demise the way 1.5 million Iraqis have.” (University of Fresno Professor of English Literature)

Nice! From those tolerant lefties. And that is why I encourage all young people to learn a trade and stay well clear of Universities.

From the “Unintended Consequences” file comes this headline in the UK:

“9 out 10 teenagers at drug treatment centres being treated for cannabis addiction.”

“Who would have thunk it?”

In Canada? No story here folks, move on:

This is what happens to a Canadian Millennial brain on the weed:

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Enough of this shyte dude. There is just too much craziness out there.

Song of the day:

The lead guitar player is surely on to something.

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