State of Confusion

Vezelay here I come:

See the source image             The start of my 900 Km trek, 01 August

Hey, check out Kurofune, top right link on this page. Getting great reviews…if I do say so myself. here is one:

“GREAT BOOK” John, couldn’t put it down. Loved the way you wove in the military, historical and personal aspects of this very important part of WW II. Your descriptions of the battle from a marines prospectus really made me appreciate the sacrifices these young men made. Also really enjoyed the way you interwove the personal stories of the family on Siapan (sic) and Ted Culp, showing the huge and lasting consequence of War on peoples lives. Well done, a must read and I can see a movie coming out of this. Marijke would have been very proud.”

Marijke was my wife. She died 08 December 2017 from cancer.

What is the old saying? “Life is tough but when you are stupid it’s horrendous.” And here in BC we are all stupid in believing the BC government’s Carbon Tax is revenue neutral. What does the average Dude or Dudess on the street say about that:


Say it ain’t so. We are all being neutralized to the tune of over 6 bucks a fill-up for this so called revenue neutral Carbon Tax.. If anyone reads this from another country do not fall for this government “sleight of hand” in your own country less you be defined by your actions as a really stupid electorate. It is a huge fraud!

What do government officials in BC have to say about this discovery?

“Seriously folks. Listen to me Canadians. This Carbon Tax is revenue neutral and will help us save the planet:”

See the source imageMeanwhile, as heard in the government “Caucus:”

See the source image“And then I said…hahahahahah, and this is the best part….that it is….hahahahahahahah….revenue neutral! Can you believe it? hahahahahahah..They fell for it…Hahahaaha..Life is so good when you are me.”

“Oh Jus-ton. You are one ton of Carbon laughs… dude.”

“No David, that is…..hahahahahahah…50 tons man”

Meanwhile, from the unintended consequences file come this (thanks Maggie’s farm):

“Finland Ends its Basic Income Experiment.”

“So what’s the problem?” someone asked

“We couldn’t get anybody to work the programme!”

And from my “I know you were just dying to hear this bit of fluff” file comes this:

“Monkees are having inter-species sex.” Climate Change to Blame.

See the source image “We are? News to us. By the way, what is climate change?”

It is getting so bad now that beggars on Victoria’s downtown streets are now asking pedestrians for climate change. Failing that! Bitcoins.

“Life is tough! When you’re stupid it’s horrendous.” I love that quote.

Just too many lies… people. Do not fall for it. Kick these guys and gals out at your next election. Demand common sense policies:

“If it doesn’t make sense then it is nonsense.”

Song of the day: State of Confusion in this Land of Confusion.

Have a nice day.