Vezelay to Lourdes…Or Bust

Probably bust but I am going to give it my best shot.

The Abby in Vezelay France. Where according to Catholic legend or myth or whatever, the bones of Mary Magdalen are housed, not buried, but housed. Sounds more eclasiastical to me. Buried sounds so eternal…the end game, nada, that’s it, that’s all He wrote. And how did her bones get from the Holy Land to Vezelay? God only knows. Perhaps he liked Burgundy and wanted some of the grape to conduct a Celebration of Life for dear old Mary. We’ll never know but Vezelay sure is a beautiful place. And speaking of Never I also want to see that place as that is where Saint Bernadette de Soubirous is buried. Entirely preserved I am told. Better than my 1982 Suburu.

Back to Vezelay:

Hmmmmmmmmm…..The Abby in Vezelay….Hmmmmmmmmmm

See the source imageHmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Where I will start my 900 km walk….Hmmmmmmmmmmm!

See the source imageJust hope they never have an earthquake!

Maybe I’ll see this guy there:

See the source imageComedian Dave Allen, as the Bishop!

Catholic Passport. Given out at birth to every good Catholic boy or girl. Must be stamped at various milestones throughout life. As a reminder that as Catholics, we are all:

See the source imageSorry…..I must say though the Catholicism has produced a multitude of laughs over the years. You would never, ever hear or see a Protestant comedian telling a Martin Luther joke. Or a Muslim telling a joke about Islam. Never. Now we Catholics fear an existential threat of eternal damnation while those other guys can’t even come close to that. That is why there is so much fun with the Catholic Church. While a Muslim martyr is promised salvation with a bevy of beautiful women, we Catholics have to be content with “Going to Hell in a Handmaiden’s basket”! Much more fun.

And Lourdes? Hopefully I will make it there.

See the source image

Been training for this walk now for a few months. Here I am at the beginning of a morning 22 Km walk. Shawnigan Lake area near Mill Bay:

Land-locked Ness monster. How did she get here?

Fun times ahead. I’m going to track this pilgrimage on this blog…so stay tuned.

Song of the day. Unlike Mary Magdalen, I make no bones about my faith. It’s a great song: