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My last post for a few weeks. Just taking the time off to recoup, recharge and rethink.

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Read ya later about 03 June.

Vezelay will soon be upon me. 78 more sleeps.

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Good luck to the Winnipeg Jets. Amazing hockey story.

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Winnipeg White-out!

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Unbelievable Violence

Check out my first novel: Kurofune: The Black Ships – A Novel of World War II. Just click on the link at the top right of this page. Getting great reviews.


The sun was now getting higher and higher off the eastern horizon. The beautiful orange, yellow and reddish glow of the sunrise was tarnished however by the thick, black, brown and grayish pall and smoke plumes covering Betio and the immediate vicinity due to the high explosive nature of the Naval Gunfire Support and the air strikes. The air was becoming heavier and heavier and thick with the smell of detonation, destruction, explosions and cordite. It was the smell of death. These thick, black plumes of smoke rose out from under the coconut palms and the fields of the island then up and over the lagoon spreading out like a dark impervious blanket of terror. Rows and rows upon rows of coconut palm trees were scarred, naked and pitted; their ragged palm fronds hanging down, vertically limp, as if the life had suddenly been snuffed out of them by some horrendous outer worldly force. No tree escaped the carnage of the shelling that swept across the entire length and breadth of the island. Collectively the palm trees just stood there, motionless, ragged or naked in the light tropical breeze, as if standing upright in a desolate, mysterious landscape, like sentinels to hell itself. The landscape was pockmarked with deep and shallow craters, like the surface of the moon. And like the surface of the moon the island was lifeless. On top of all of that a light grey mist hung in the air like dust particles suspended, coagulating into and onto everything within this maelstrom of terror. Combat dust! Nature’s colour palette of tropical hues and shades of blue, green and turquoise surrendered to this monochromatic nightmare. It was an eerie sight to behold. 

The Naval Gunfire barrage continued raining death and destruction among the Japanese defenders. A 16 inch shell found its mark on one of the Vicker’s Guns ammunition dumps. The subsequent explosion of the ammo dump sent shells, debris and shockwaves from one end of Betio to the other and across the lagoon.

“Head’s down,” somebody screamed. Was Armageddon that far behind? Ted thought of this cataclysmic detonation?  It was horrendous. His whole world shook.

The naval bombardment had gone on now for almost three hours. Sooner or later it would be time for the Marines to turn to and head directly for the beach. The Marines of wave one held back in the lagoon at the departure line in their Alligators, LCT (Tanks), LCMs (Mechanized) and their Higgin’s Boats, but it would soon be time for the landing.  In the meantime they were getting anxious and sick of the tumultuous movement of the landing craft. Sea worthy they were not. Even Ted was anxious to go. Not really seasick, he was becoming nauseous watching his colleagues retch from the motion of the Higgins. The sea sickness and the dry heaving were horrific, as everything that had been in their stomachs from breakfast was now awash in the boat’s bilge. A sour, bitter and slightly acidic, pungent odor permeated the air among them. That combined with the nauseating diesel fumes and individual sweat was enough to turn anyone pale.

Ted was nervous, but not really scared, as he just wanted to go and get on with it.  Lou and the Reverend remained silent, even as they looked at one another for mutual encouragement, as if to say everything is going to be okay. The Reverend clutched his bible for his own spiritual support and emotional fortitude. Lou was a non believer yet one could see the abject fear in his eyes. Ted kissed the crucifix of his Rosary one last time. He also stole one more peak at the picture of Ruth that he had in his shirt top pocket, protected as it was from the seawater by a plastic sheath.

“Ted…I love you…stay safe…come back to me” her words to him.

Betio, Saipan? Hell on earth!

Unbelievable violence!

Song of the Day: “Hello darkness my old friend”

Have a great weekend. Read ya Monday


Meeting of the Minds

Did another 22 Km yesterday. Not hurting as much but I am still a tad worried. You would think that after months of walking I would be immune to this but nooo, it still hurts. Perhaps being 66 and crazy may have something to do with it.

Vezelay France here I come:

See the source imageFrench crop circles!

An Ontario girl from Essex District High School, near Windsor Ontario has been suspended for protesting the school’s dress code, after she says several of her friends were sent home or told to change because their bra straps were showing.

“We’re an all inclusive high school” the principal commented. “The boys were also told to go home and change because their “jock straps” were showing. So the girls were also shown the bathroom door”

“Hey, I thought there wasn’t any difference between the boys and girls”

An uproar ensued at the school. A lockdown was ordered and the cops were called. In their best Southern Ontario drawl they, the Cops, commented:

See the source image     “Hey bra, what’s an Ontario anyway? We gotta get those female sunnamabitches before real trouble starts. You hear me Jacques?”

After just hours of assuming his new role as Ambassador to Germany Richard Grennel is in the German poo for comments he made to German and European businessmen. Merkel wasn’t amused. “He must understand the German and European position on cucumbers. Zay must be straight as an arrow. They cannot be bent. Ve cannot tolerate such madness, such rudeness. Same with cauliflower. Zay must be white and perfectly round. Aryan!” She then left for another meeting of her minds in the German Reichstag or Parliament. Their Leader-house was in an uproar over this latest diplomatic crisis.

See the source image “Prost”

Mutti’s “Caucus” was also in a tizzy over Grennel’s comments:

See the source image “Ve are not amused.” The German foreign minister stated:

The German’s over reaction about this latest political faux-pas can be traced back to their reaction when Trump won the Presidency:

Trump Derangement Syndrome in spades.

Columbia’s Military …on drugs

Slide 7 of 51: TOPSHOT - Soldiers get ready before a military parade held to celebrate the country's 206th Anniversary of Independence, in Bogota, on July 20, 2016. / AFP / GUILLERMO LEGARIA (Photo credit should read GUILLERMO LEGARIA/AFP/Getty Images) Soon to be coming to the Canadian military. Notice the transgendered Officer on the left in his white dress?

This Latest Headline: How does the British Royal family make their money? They don’t have real jobs so where does their money come from?

Queen Elizabeth II receives an annual income from public and private sources.Notice their laughin faces and smirks. Guess?

Liberal hypocrisy knows no limits:

Canada bans tanker traffic off the west coast. What about the east coast? Nope. Trudeau is doing all that he can do the alienate the west. Next on his list. Oil and gas exploration, development and extraction will be banned in all of Canada. Barista joints on every street corner. Keep the electorate stoned and they will be happy hence the legalization of pot this July 1st. Canada Day will now be changed to Cannabis Day. Fitting!

I want my country back.

Alberta woman’s tirade in a restaurant shows that Canada is really racist. This coming from the Toronto “Red” Star newspaper. The hidden subliminal message in the article is that Alberta…westerners…are all racist. But we here in the east, and especially Toronto – the centre of the universe – we (they) are not racist. We (they) are the elite. This in a city where Catholics were once banned from all positions of authority: be it in government, the police force, anything. Don’t kid yourself if you are not of progressive thought, of the liberal mindset, you are not welcome in this city. Bullies all of them, especially the SOBs – South Of Bloor shysters. It is all subliminal racism. At  least in the west if they are racially prone (and I am not) they are open about it.

Cats all of them!

That’s my rant for today.

Song of the day:  “like a watercolour in the rain!”

Probably one of the most perfect tunes of all time. It has everything in it.

SJ……………………………..out of here.


Happy 80th Birthday Gord

Going for another 22 Km walk today. I have to get my feet back into shape. I should never have taken that break.

This will keep me motivated though:

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Smokey and the Bandit: Seems an Ontario Canada woman gets busted in Georgia for speeding and driving with an Ontario Licence. Say what? Are you kidding me? The Officer, as shown, wondered what was / is an Ontario anyway.

See the source image “An illegal Canadian alien or just a bunch of “sunnamabitches” me thinks. Build that gawd damned wall for cripes sake.” The look in that other guys eyes says it all. $850 buck fine and a month in jail awaiting a court appearance. You would think that these guys had better things to do. Wait until Canada legalizes “smoke” and people drive through Georgia stoned. “Georgia’s out of their cotton pickin minds those sunnamabitches!” These guys are going to have a field day.

Trump axes Iranian nuclear deal. States that Iran cannot be trusted. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahoo agrees. European leaders go ballistic. Iran promises to cut off the Hashish supply right away. “We will cut off the hands that feed them dogs” the Eiya-told-you-so remarked. “literally, not figuratively:”

Image result for pics of gas price hikesSmokey was not amused.

Jackie Gleason and Alfie Wise in Smokey and the Bandit (1977)                                                     “You go and get them I-ruin-ian sunnamabitches. Ya hear me boy?”

They say that Trump’s stance on Iran will cause oil and gas prices to rise. Oh really. And they wouldn’t have risen otherwise?  Just all a bunch of:

Image result for pics of smoke and mirrosThe oil patch kids.                                          Then again what would you rather have? This:

See the source image                                                or this:

See the source imageSunrise over the Middle East.

And the nuclear reaction to all of this rhetoric?

See the source image “Au revoir a demain!”                    French Diplomatic language! Translation: “Put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye. Or “how I love the smell of radiation in the morning”

What else is going on?  Just another boring day in the Iranian Parliament:

a group of people in a room: Iranian lawmakers burn two pieces of papers representing the U.S. flag and the nuclear deal as they chant slogans against the U.S. at the parliament in Tehran on Wednesday.                                                     Death to all American infidels!   Question Period must be a riot!

Disney’s new fantastical progressive onslaught movie “A Wrinkle in Time” bombs in Iran. “Once they heard Oprah was in it they went nuclear” a Disney spokesperson admitted. Oh and it’s Trumps fault.”

A Conservative based ad:

“Have a Burrito. mmmm mmmm good. And healthy too”

A Progressive Left Wing ad for the same thing:

Thanks to SDA. I didn’t know food had integrity. “Let’s get a pizza Smokey!

Liberal Logic:

Some Democratic anti Trump hero is now caught up in allegations he physically abused women while having sex with them. Four have come forward with these allegations. “Well we can forgive him for those indiscretions” one female colleague asserted. As long as he continues his anti Trump rhetoric he will be fine in our comical books”

Mullahs upset with Trump. They want more mullah to fight him.

European appeasement of Iran and vilification of American dogs (they must have a lot of dogs in Iran) reminds me of this:

See the source image“Peace in our time!”                                     “Those that ignore history are destined to repeat it.” Just don’t call on us to come and bail you out again. Our legacy of two World Wars. Cenotaphs right across this great country of ours and continual criticism by the EU.

Song of the day:



Happy Birthday Gord!

Took a week off from walking in prep for the Vezelay trip. Big mistake. It feels as if I am walking for the very first time. Aches, pains and small blisters. I should have kept the pace going without a break. But then again it could be because I am an old fart……nah!

Elon Musk may be a gazillionaire but his taste in clothes feels bargain basement dwelling.

REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

In another take on his entrepreneurial BS mantra of using other people’s money, he states that his Mars Spacecraft will be ready for short hops in 2019. Short hops in space? Like where in space is a short hop?

See the source imageReally!

Again investors are salivating. In response Musk delivers MARS Bars to all of his admirers. Savvy dude and their tasty too but I wouldn’t invest a plug nickel with this guy. Beware of false prophets or MARS Bar aliens:

Trump frustrated with Guiliani. No really? Already? It’s only been a week or so. Any Lawyer jokes around?

Q: What do you get when you cross the Godfather with a lawyer?
A: An offer you can’t understand

On a new take of Lawyer-speak NFL Cheerleader Baily Davis, who has asked to remain anonymous, has hired a lawyer to take her case before the NFL in that cheerleaders are being sexually her-assed. “If the talks with the league don’t lead to alterations to the treatment of cheerleaders, lawsuits could still be filed.” she reiterated. In response her lawyer said: We didn’t have to sign away our right to sue,” Blackwell said. “We can file a lawsuit and that’s the plan (if the talks with the league don’t yield results). We don’t want a bunch of money. We want to make this program better.” …..yeah right. Butt (sic) remember Ms Davis a lawyer, like a wagon wheel, must be well greased!” Enough of lawyers.

Bucking the trend “Hard done by. Whoa is me!”

Jane Fonda’s latest film “Book Club” comes out later this year….Can’t wait!

Love this from Canada’s Immigration Minister  Ralph Goodale: “Seeking asylum is not a free ticket to Canada.”  “No, but we do accept VISAs” he remarked later.

Say it ain’t so Ralphie!

From “the world is going to hell in a handbasket” file comes this:

Guy tells a lingerie joke on an elevator. Unfortunately for him there is a “Gender Studies” professor onboard and she goes ballistic. He is discredited professionally. She? Continues with her Gender Studies.

Guy’s professional and personal reputation destroyed all because he considers himself a Conservative. I do believe there should be a “Pink Shirt Day” for progressives! Bullies, all of them.

In a case that has triggered public outrage, a top Finnish court has upheld a ruling that sex between an asylum seeker and a 10-year-old girl didn’t constitute rape. Critics are calling for harsher sentences for child abuse. “This isn’t Canada you know” he was heard to remark. “We cannot tolerate such behavior.”

In France a French Man – is there any other kind? – is on trial for having sex with a 10 year old child. His lawyers claim – using Canadian logic – that he isn’t a predator because the so called victim isn’t a child:

Q: What do you call 25 attorneys buried up to their chins in cement?
A: Not enough cement.


Democratic Lawyers and the Russian Connection (Maggie’s Farm)

“We’ll leave no tit unturned!”

I’ll end it there. I have an appointment with my lawyer.

Song of the day:

Have a nice day.