Happy Birthday Gord!

Took a week off from walking in prep for the Vezelay trip. Big mistake. It feels as if I am walking for the very first time. Aches, pains and small blisters. I should have kept the pace going without a break. But then again it could be because I am an old fart……nah!

Elon Musk may be a gazillionaire but his taste in clothes feels bargain basement dwelling.

REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

In another take on his entrepreneurial BS mantra of using other people’s money, he states that his Mars Spacecraft will be ready for short hops in 2019. Short hops in space? Like where in space is a short hop?

See the source imageReally!

Again investors are salivating. In response Musk delivers MARS Bars to all of his admirers. Savvy dude and their tasty too but I wouldn’t invest a plug nickel with this guy. Beware of false prophets or MARS Bar aliens:

Trump frustrated with Guiliani. No really? Already? It’s only been a week or so. Any Lawyer jokes around?

Q: What do you get when you cross the Godfather with a lawyer?
A: An offer you can’t understand

On a new take of Lawyer-speak NFL Cheerleader Baily Davis, who has asked to remain anonymous, has hired a lawyer to take her case before the NFL in that cheerleaders are being sexually her-assed. “If the talks with the league don’t lead to alterations to the treatment of cheerleaders, lawsuits could still be filed.” she reiterated. In response her lawyer said: We didn’t have to sign away our right to sue,” Blackwell said. “We can file a lawsuit and that’s the plan (if the talks with the league don’t yield results). We don’t want a bunch of money. We want to make this program better.” …..yeah right. Butt (sic) remember Ms Davis a lawyer, like a wagon wheel, must be well greased!” Enough of lawyers.

Bucking the trend “Hard done by. Whoa is me!”

Jane Fonda’s latest film “Book Club” comes out later this year….Can’t wait!

Love this from Canada’s Immigration Minister  Ralph Goodale: “Seeking asylum is not a free ticket to Canada.”  “No, but we do accept VISAs” he remarked later.

Say it ain’t so Ralphie!

From “the world is going to hell in a handbasket” file comes this:

Guy tells a lingerie joke on an elevator. Unfortunately for him there is a “Gender Studies” professor onboard and she goes ballistic. He is discredited professionally. She? Continues with her Gender Studies.

Guy’s professional and personal reputation destroyed all because he considers himself a Conservative. I do believe there should be a “Pink Shirt Day” for progressives! Bullies, all of them.

In a case that has triggered public outrage, a top Finnish court has upheld a ruling that sex between an asylum seeker and a 10-year-old girl didn’t constitute rape. Critics are calling for harsher sentences for child abuse. “This isn’t Canada you know” he was heard to remark. “We cannot tolerate such behavior.”

In France a French Man – is there any other kind? – is on trial for having sex with a 10 year old child. His lawyers claim – using Canadian logic – that he isn’t a predator because the so called victim isn’t a child:

Q: What do you call 25 attorneys buried up to their chins in cement?
A: Not enough cement.


Democratic Lawyers and the Russian Connection (Maggie’s Farm)

“We’ll leave no tit unturned!”

I’ll end it there. I have an appointment with my lawyer.

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