Comin up close to the Vezelay walk. Only 50 more sleeps. Getting kind of scary too:

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Could the G7 pull this off? I doubt it.

De-nuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. Commitment for the recovery of the Korean War’s Missing in Action and Prisoners of War! Now that’s some Communique. Of course the EU and Trudeau are going Ape-shit today:

This is Bull-Crap, the members of the G7 were heard to say.

All Trudeau could do was adjust his eyebrows when he heard the news:                                             

Meanwhile: over at CNN

“We have to lead off with that Stormy Daniels thingy. We can spend at least 24 hours covering off that story…non stop.”

“Yeah, but what about the North Korean / US summit. Don’t ya think we should be covering up that?” one of the producers remarked.

“We ARE covering it up. No news there. Trump is a warmonger who has to be brought down, no matter what he does. We hate him, hate him, HATE HIM, HATE, HATE HATE HIM. Can I be any clearer.”  Wolf Schlitzer was heard to scream in between sips of his shit-zer.

Meanwhile, back in Canadastan

I have a dream people. I have a dream:

See the source imageNo more pipelines:

Bring me your truck drivers, bring me your pipe fitters, your welders, your engineers, your labourers and I’ll show them the way. That the world doesn’t need fossil fuels but can run on a “cuppa joe… Yes, I have a dream that all good men and women of race or colour can shed their burdens and follow me to the promised land…a land of barista joints and dubies. Yes I have had that dream and it is a good and wet one.”

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Obviously we support the continuing efforts of the President on North Korea,” Trudeau says of Trump. “We look forward to looking at details of agreement. On his comments, as I’ve said, I’m going to stay focused on defending jobs for Canadians and supporting Canadian interests.” (Tasker).

He went on to say:

“We are not going to lower our 270% dairy tariffs to appease Nafta or American interests. The Quebec dairy mafia would kill us, especially during the next erection – er election. Sorry, Freudian slip there fellas…ha,ha.ha. Having said that, that Trump is the devil himself for raising his own aluminum and steel tariffs. That will kill our own steel and aluminum sector. And I can’t have that, especially coming up to our next erection, er damn, there’s that word again…election.

“When is the next erection” – a reporter from Japan asked of the PM when pissed, er plessed!  “And what about that alleged gloping incident.”

“Oh yes I have had the odd Duby”. the PM answered to the Japanese reporter. “But I didn’t exhale! That stuff is too good to ret out of me bag… er body”

French President Macron and his 66 year old wife Dorus could only smile in agreement. “Subsidies? Say what are those things anyway? We here in France n’avons pas des subsidies. Nous avon un 1.5 heur demain de travaille, Alorus eh Dorus! Mon Dieu, we have been in Canada too long…eh!

Speaking of dubies:

Song of the day: from the Doobie Brothers:


Have a goodie doobie!