I’m a Loser Baby

Vezelay is coming up for me. Can’t wait to start this pilgrimage walk.

Check out Kurofune. Click on the link at the top right side of the home page. Getting great reviews.

Not much to say today. Going out for a very long walk in preparation for the Vezelay pilgrimage.

Trumps in Korea exchanging pleasantries. Trudeau is at home sulking with his thumb in his mouth. Macron, Merkel et all trounced back to their home countries all in a tizzy over Trump’s actions. Great stuff!

World cup starts on the 14th of June. Another month of vibrant exciting football…not. 90 minutes of sheer boredom with an added 2-4 minutes of more sheer boredom. I am always amazed at such low scores or no scores. With a goal net that big? Are you kidding me.

“Smith kicks the ball to Jones. Jones kicks the ball back to Smith. Smith …wait a minute…wait a minute….oh he kicks the ball back to Jones. Jones stops the ball, looks around, then kicks the ball back to Smith….” exciting play by play call don’t ya think?

“Oh Dimitri now has the ball for the opposing team. He looks around and finds Ludic and kicks it to him. Ludic then kicks the ball back to Dimitri who, with much skill and finesse kicks the ball back to Ludic. The referee has now called a time out…..” exciting stuff here.

Are you kidding me?

See the source imageHow could one miss? As opposed to this:

See the source image

Boring. I sure as hell will not be watching. Unless of course all hell breaks loose. Then it is exciting to watch:

See the source imageMost of the action…no all of it, is in the stands. In this particular game all hell broke out because it was a tie game!  0-0 for the home team!!! Imagine the chaos if some team had won?

Ah yes, the beautiful game.

Hard to believe Italy and the Netherlands did not qualify. Their reaction?

See the source image

Canada? my country? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah.

“Then George kicked the ball back to Smith, who then kicked it over to Jones, who was then tackled by Dimitri who kicked the ball back to Ludic who then found Ludo…” and on and on and on the boring match went. 31 days of this. Can’t wait…not. Slit my wrists!

Enjoy the decline!

We’re all losers baby if you think this is exciting.


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