Oh Canada

Slide 1 of 38: Soccer Football - World Cup - Opening Ceremony - Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow, Russia - June 14, 2018 Robbie Williams performs during the opening ceremony REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach                            Like I said yesterday: there is more happening in the stands than on the pitch (field).

Well, the first World Cup match – Russia vs Saudi Arabia just occurred. 5-1 for Russia. Surprised the hell out of me given my post yesterday. But then again the sportsman of the year award has to go to the Saudi Coach:

Saudi Arabia manager refuses to credit Russia: ‘They won without doing much’

Of course they didn’t do much. This is soccer after all. I guess I would react the same way if I was the Saudi Coach given that the players and coaches of the Saudi Team are looking at a future of cleaning out the King’s camel stall and dung when they return home.

Then again this latest score seals my belief that the beautiful game is a boring game:

Uruguay 1,  Egypt 0. Some interesting stats. After 90 minutes of play only 7, I repeat, 7 shots on goal. 4 by Uruguay and 3 by Egypt. Are you kidding me? Compare that to hockey where you have up to 60 shots on goal as an aggregate by both teams over 60 minutes of play. Good gawd!

Can’t wait for more exciting action.

Blog Alert: following is longer than I normally would write:

Irony Alert: Writer at Canadian taxpayer subsidized Maclean’s says “Canada is NOT a country” This coming from a writer who is married to ” I didn’t know anything about climate change” Climate Barbie McKenna. Cripes, she didn’t know how to spell Clamato Change before Trudeau named her as the nation’s cabinet Minister of the Environment and Climate Change. “I always thought Clamato Change was some sort of drink.” The entire Liberal Caucus rolled their eyes at that one.

“I thought Clamato Change was part and parcel of the new currency. Like Bitcoins. Heck I even heard that Al Gore was refused entry to his latest climate catastrophe sequel because he tried to pay with clamato change. But hey, in this new identity politics age we live in, Trudeau was right to appoint someone like me who doesn’t have a clue but is female after all.”

But wait, it’s not about you Kate. Your husband, who goes by another name, Scot Gilmore the house husband of Climate Barbie, Catherine McKenna. Call me old school but why the different names if you’re married. He is or she (or zey, hey or zits) embarrassed to be married to one another? Hmmmm? Anyway Scotty here believes that Canada is not a country. And the “once respected” Canadian leftist rag-a- muffin called Mcleans published this shyte: Gilmore states:

Cheaper to fly to Europe, Peru than to fly to northern Manitoba. My question: Who in their right mind would want to visit northern Manitoba, home of the monster mosquitos? Mosquitoes so big they could pick you up and take you to Peru. Mosquitoes and Black flies with so much Human blood in their veins that the Red Cross is looking at tapping into this rare national natural resource in their “U2 can donate” campaign.

Less than 10% of Canadians have ever visited the north. Well, I have and I have the welts to prove it. I refer you to the para above. Or that there is a huge difference between the residents of Newfoundland and those of Saskatchewan. Sure there is. Nobody can understand a word coming out of a Newfoundlander’s mouth and nobody, least of all the Americans, can spell or pronounce Saskabush. If that doesn’t tie this great country together I do not know what does! Diversity is our strength. Not T.O.s diversity but the diversity of Canadian geography and peoples. He also states that Harper identified Quebec as a nation within a nation; the First Nations as the first nation within a nation…FIRST! So there, and in the future some other PM will name the Maritimes as a nation within a nation, within a nation. Seconded of course! Confused? They will be called “Basketcase.” No Gilmore, this doesn’t make Canada not a country but highlights the insanity of identity politics and political correctness, which, by his argument is destroying our way of life. There is no such thing as a Canadian people. I think the greatest generation of Canadians – you know – those brave men and women who fought for this country during the 1st and 2nd World War are proof of his idiocy and might have something to say to you if they were alive today. By the way how many Canadians have visited Vimy Ridge?

See the source image                          I have and so have my two sons.

What else does this “nig nog” say:

As out current PM – Turdope has said: There is no core Canadian identity, no mainstream in Canada. Perhaps not in Toronto, where all of the so called elitist deplorables live. We here in Canada have a paucity (how I love that word) of leadership. That is our national disgrace and problem. Oh and Canada cannot even build a pipeline, where beer is more of a commodity than milk, and trade barriers exist across this country that would undermine anything remotely labelled as free trade under Nafta.

See the source imageDid you say milk?

My argument can be summed up with two pictures:

See the source imageSophie:”He’s sooo dreamy”. Poor kids!

See the source image                                                                                 Trudeau with two members of his Liberal Caucus

It is not that Canada is not a country Mr Gilmore. It’s that Canada has no leadership and therefore, no sense of pride…national pride that is. Get out of Toronto and Vancouver where toxicity and intolerance against anyone with an opposing view are their strengths, and see the real Canada and real Canadians.

My Leadership Prayer: Dear Lord please give us back John A or Laurier and we’ll give you Justin Trudeau, or Andrew Sheer, Wynne, Horgan, Weaver, May, Suzuki et al, et al, et al, and that’s all folks.

Naf said…Ta.

The lefties want to impeach Trump because he lied about his height stating that he was 6′ 3″. Trudeau is 6’2″ and, as shown in this picture is clearly taller than Trump. “So impeach the lying bastard,” CNN states in their non stop 24 hour coverage of this photo op:

The allegations for impeachment dissolved when it was learned that Trudeau was wearing his “heels” when this picture was taken. Meanwhile:

North Korea and the US sign an accord to de-nuclearize the Korean Peninsula.

No news here folks move on….CNN reports.

Song of the day:

Child of Vision. Vision? Something the leadership in Canada dearly lacks. Tunnel Vision perhaps:

Have a great weekend. Read ya Monday.


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