Black Day in July

Let’s see how the beautiful game is doing today:

I told ya that there is more going on in the stands than on the pitch:

‘Get knocked up by FIFA players, win $$$ and Whoppers’: Burger King shamed for offensive ad”

‘Get knocked up by FIFA players, win $$$ and Whoppers’: Burger King shamed for offensive ad

“Bobble heads,” one woman shrieked, then laughed when she saw what she was dealing with. They sure ain’t whoppers.

“Hey, put that Gulag on hold” Russia beats Egypt 3-1. Wow. Russia has scored 8 goals in two games: 5 against the Saudis and now 3 against Egypt. That is impressive for football. But what is even more shocking and perhaps less impressive is that this is the most goals scored in a World Cup by one team since 1974? Are you kidding me?

“And Sergio kicks the ball over to Dmitri”

June 19th: 10 goals scored by 6 teams!

June 20th: 3 goals scored by 6 teams. I mean Portugal has Renaldo but they only beat Morocco 1 to zip. C’mon guys.

Now let’s get back to that whopper! What do ya say?

From the “History” repeats itself file comes this:

Erdoğan Warns of “War between the Cross and the Crescent” following Austria’s Plan to Deport Imans

Hey, remember 1529? Does 1683 come to mind Erdogan? The Sultan arrived at Vienna on 27 September 1529. The Siege of Vienna begins. The sultan lost that battle and left with his head between his legs. Literally and figuratively.

But, hey let’s try again, again as in 1683: The Ottoman (Turkey) Empire’s Pasha and his/her or zey, zit or zat siege of Vienna.

The Pasha struck again with his transgendered army wearing their silk white dresses. The Pasha got pashed around, lost bigly to the cross and had his crescent Adam’s apple wrenched and removed permanently by strangulation. Dastardly.

So Erdogan thinks he should try again. Turkey!

See, this blog isn’t always a waste of reader’s time.

From Maggie’s Farm: Where “No Ending a Sentence With a Preposition’ rule comes from. Some guy named John Dryden, a literary tour de force back in the day. So what are we talking about here: “You talking to me. Are you talking to me?”  No, no, no Robert. Profound use of the English or American language talk perhaps but totally wrong according to Dryden. You should have said: “With whom are you talking? Huh, hey, you, to whom are you talkin.”

See the source image “Yeah” F*&K Trump!” Profound!

I know, I know, it lacks punch, profundity as only a Hollywood actor like De Nero can dish out at Award Shows. He should have said: “With whom are you talking? Me? Me? To whom are you talking? Me, to whom?” or is that to who? No idiot, who’s on first.

But can you imagine talking like Dryden suggests and using his preposition rule downtown in a city close to you. An inner city perhaps.

See the source image  “With whom are you talking?”        Which, naturally led to this:

See the source imageBlack day in July.

The beat goes on. 1967!

Song of the day:

“With whom do you riot Sir?” With whom do you talk? Me?

Have a nice day.