Diversity: According to Webster’s Diversity: Die – ver – city. From the Latin:” Die toward the city.” To continue to push for something that dosn’t require pushing. And in doing so you will die! Cities will self destruct and die unto themselves.


Harvard and its race based admission practices are wrong and do not reflect diversity. Charles Lane of the Washington Post discusses a suit brought by Asian American plaintiffs charging Harvard with racial discrimination in undergraduate admissions.

To me (Lane) the most interesting bit of information in this column is this: Harvard’s expert witness told the court that without its system of taking race into account (favouring some races / ethnic groups while disfavouring others), its class of 201 would have been 15% African Americans and Latino rather than the 28% that it actually is.

To me this is an admission that Harvard can achieve diversity without granting racial and ethnic preferences. If gaining a diversity label means shutting out most predominant races based on colour and ethnicity then you have a racist institution that will ultimately die within itself.

If you had 10 Caucasians in a group with one African American would the group be diverse? Yes. Yet some progressives would suggest that diversity only occurs after a certain threshold is met. What would that be? 30%, 50%, 80%? Getting rid of whitey altogether. Or maybe blacky. Is that diversity? This is madness and will certainly ensure the death of our higher learning institutions, and ultimately society  and our cities. Leave it alone. Do not place markers on diversity otherwise diversity itself becomes meaningless, a weakness. Identity politics.


An Exeter Professor proffers, as only a professor can proffer, that mathematics is the root cause for wage disparity throughout the world because it teaches individuals ethics free and detached thought rather than diversity of thinking.

The other day while shopping the cashier tallied up my purchase and it came to $15.35. I gave her $20.35. She looked at me with that detached unethical look and stood there  stumped:

“Hmmmm” she uttered. “Hmmmm” she uttered again.

I looked at her bemused face and finally said. “You owe me $5.00.”

“Oh yeah,” she says. “Says who?”

“Its basic math” says I

“Yeah, who’s math” she says. “Your old school math or the new math?” and with that she called for the supervisor.

The supervisor came over, looked at me sternly, discussed the situation with the cashier, looked at me again and said:

“Well she isn’t wrong you know. It’s the new math and diversity of thought. Diversity is our strength here in this store. And who is to say your math is any better than her math? Or you’re right and she is wrong?”

“Just give me the 5 bucks and I’ll leave”

“5 bucks, no way. You’re owed $4.55”

“65 cents says I. Plus the 35 cents I gave her.”

“Right, so here is your 65 cents Sir.”

I took it and left. I just couldn’t bear correcting their new approach to math. Diversity of thought I thought. Diversity of logic, I thought. Stupidity!

Yes it takes all kinds of wingnuts to make a society die – or a store, and that is diversity. This so called diverse opinion of thought, of logic – even if it is wrong and goes against established rules of life – will surely destroy us or them. Eeee Gadszooks! The New Math? Oh yeah:

1 + 1 = 11


1 + 1 = 3


Some New York schools are doubling down on their admission standards to ensure a whole range or prospective and diverse students are eligible to meet the grade. ” We want a whole range of students here” One school administrator said. Not just the smart hard working kind. After all diversity is our strength. So we’re doubling down on our admission standards. Doing otherwise is considered unethical on our part, particularly in our Math department.

“Dumbing down is more like it” I thought………Geesh

But hey, diversity of stupidity is our strength. But wait a minute. Stupidity knows no colour or race or ethnicity. One is either stupid or they’re not!

“If we are all stupid then who is to say that we are stupid in the first place”, the administrator remarked. “It’s like that simple classical argument that, that, who was it now that said it…Aristotle? Blimy? Or Cicero? Oh you know. It will come to me. Oh yes: “Who’s on first?””

“Oh you mean Costello?” I proffered

“Yeah him,” she said. “Profound man. Profound thinking back then.”

We are in trouble. And if we continue of this path we will no longer be considered diverse but a dead society: Homo Zombius! 

Which brings me to the song of the day:

Have a great weekend. Read ya Monday.