What does it mean to be a progressive?:

And what have we become:

The Skin Tightener Every Man Should Own, Period.

“I love this stuff, I found this in my wife’s medicine cabinet and have been using it ever since -same with her lipstick!” one guy was heard to say.

How would you like to be the most hated man on the planet:

See the source image        According to Progressives:

You know, he does have a mother who loved him. He does have a family who loves him. And he has the support of about 70 percent of Americans, who love him. But if you dare show your support in Progressiveland this is what can occur:

– Press secretary MS Sanders told to leave a restaurant because she works        for Trump;

– Comedian Tim Allan loses job and Hollywood series because he is outed as    a conservative;

-Leading HBO talk show host Bill Maher calls for massive recession just so     Trump can be ousted in 2020…nice;

– Progressives stand for “Inclusion?” As long as it’s their definition of                 inclusion and not your’s;

– When all else fails, lower the standards;

– People losing their jobs, reputation and livelihood all because they are             conservative;

– Man vilified and called an idiot because he has Christian values and                  believes in God;

– Supreme Court of Canada strips Western Christian University’ right to            award Law Degrees because of their Christian code of conduct for                        students;

– no longer a separation of church and state;

– Lord’s prayer is banned everywhere in public but Muslim call to prayer            welcomed in Toronto City Hall chambers;

– Canada becomes first nation to legalize pot. Trudope will get re-elected           just on that alone;

– It used to be Pride Day, then Pride week, now Pride Month and soon to be      Pride Year. Go ahead, have a parade, just do not shove your lifestyle down      my throat! Leave me and my values alone;

– Peter Fonda calls for the kidnapping of Baron Trump and to be kept in a           cage full of Paedophiles…nice;

– Florida Attorney General kicked out of movie theatre in Tampa by violent       lefties. The movie? “Won’t you be my neighbour!”…Guess not.

– “if we lose a referendum we’ll just keep having more of them until we get        the result that we want. Then, when we do win, and we will, we are                    legitimate. No more referendums to the contrary.”

– he, she, them or they? No way. It’s zits, zats, zey or hey…asshole;

– Obama poverty? Trump’s fault. MSM laps it up

– if we legitimately lose an election to conservatives we will resist, resist,          resist and fight, and lie and cheat until we “out” the bastards. Where’s            mommy! I’m taking my ball and going home!;

– spend, spend, spend…other people’s money;

– Venezuela;

-Obama / Clinton…………………saintly

Bush / Trump………………evil;

– When Obama F&^ks up it’s Trump’s fault;

– Trump standing up for American businesses………………evil, evil, evil;

– Canadian, French, Chinese and German subsidies and trade barriers to US      goods…..great business practices. Godly

– Trump talks the talk and walks the walk.  The others mumble and crawl;

– Obama separating children for their parents? Responsible, wonderful               immigration policies; and

– Trump continues Obama’s immigration policies…vilify the bastard as the      devil himself.

So who are the real bullies?

Our children have wonderful role models these days, don’t ya think?

Song of the Day:

Lie la Lies

Stay away from large cities like Toronto and Vancouver.

Ever notice that majority of activists are young people.

Have a nice Monday