Only You!

Vezelay, here I come.

Can’t wait to get started. But first to the Netherlands to see my wife’s family and friends. Marijke passed last December 8th.

I miss her very much.

Part of this walk is to honour Marijke and a few other people I know dealing with Cancer right now. My hats off to Marijke, Kevin, Gary, Gerry, BC Cancer Clinic and Ruth. Best of luck to all of you. My thoughts and prayers are with you…always.

If you want to help out and be part of the fight against this deadly disease you can make a contribution to the BC Cancer Clinic, or your own local one:

You can donate anything you want in the name of Marijke Morrison or for whomever you know who is fighting this dreadful disease.

I’ll be checking out of here today until my first post 31 July from Vezelay. Hopefully my IPad will work. I may do the odd test post from the Netherlands.

Thanks for supporting this blog especially to my American friend who always seems to be up on this site very early in the morning – at least my time – Pacific. Thanks.

Song of the day:

Such as great band. Here is another tune by Badfinger that makes me think of Marijke:


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  1. Hope you arrived safe and sound in the Netherlands! Can’t wait to follow your adventures!

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