Test: The Netherlands

Arrived in Amsterdam Monday afternoon. 2 hour delay in Vancouver, 1.5 hours to get through immigration at Schiphol. And I am not even a druggy for heaven sakes although I did arrive from Cannabis. Still jet lagged all to hell. Worst that it has ever been. Currently staying at Marijke,s best friend in a small village near Heerlen,Limburg in the south of Holland. Was in Maastricht last night to hear a free concert by Andre Rieu. He is a world famous music conductor. Magical evening in this medieval city on the Maas. Heat wave here has been going on for over a month. No rain. Sounds like Victoria – no rain that is. Not the heat.




4 thoughts on “Test: The Netherlands”

  1. Mikey and I are following your posts and your adventures so far! Looks amazing!!!! We are thinking of you!!!!

  2. One of the few classical artists I like, he is really, really good and a real showman as well.

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