Au Revoir Netherlands

River Mass, Maastricht

Beautiful Netherlands and all the friends and family of my dear wife Marijke.

The dutch language is very difficult to learn. Try to imagine having a frog in your throat 24/7 and that will give you an idea of how difficult it is to speak Dutch. Much like trying to type on this IPpad. There have been many times when I have wanted to throw this Ipad into the River Maas.

They also have a funny way with words. Take the word Liuk,pronounced “look.” Now I say “look” but the Dutch pronounce it like “Luke”as in the apostle Luke. And that my friends is the Gospel truth. It is also how they call the Belgian, or Belgique, city of Liege. A city at the northern edge of the Ardennes that got literally creamed like a Belgian waffle during the first world war. And “Luke” is also a Dutch word meaning “oooooh,so cute”when describing a something sweet like a cuddly baby or a babbling brook, well maybe not like a babbling brook. But you can see how someone like me can get confused. Although English has its own problems as in nit or knit, but I digress.

So when I am describing Liege,I am not sure if they are looking at me stupid like or think I am a religious zealot of referring to a small child, when all I want to know is how far it is to Liege.

“Oh look”they said.

“ No liege”I said.

”Oh Look” they said.

”Where”I said

“No look,over there” they said.

“Eee gads” I said “So how do I get to Liege?

“Who’s on first?” I thought

Why oh why can’t all people speak the same language?

I mean sitting on an open terrace sipping coffee is a European pastime. So why can’t everyone speak:

“L’espreseronto!”  Groan!

And thats the way it was for 2.5 weeks.

And 32-38 Celcius, 250 % humidity so it felt like the surface of the sun.

Off to France

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