Day Two and a Bit

This day is dedicated to my brother Kevin, who is suffering from Cancer on his tongue. Just at the start of his journey.

By the way, this Ipad with its auto correct sucks. Hit a “t” and you get a “b.” Hit an “a” and you get a “r.”What should only take a few minutes takes an hour. SUCKS bigly.

Let me tell you about some of the people I have met already: there is Gil, the anorexic pilgrim, Hans, the arrogant Dutch pilgrim. I asked him how his walk was going only to hear him say: it,s in the heart man, the heart. It has nothing to do with “how it,s going” but everything to do with your state of mind man”.  Okay ass-hole I thought to myself. I have not heard that kind of talk since the 1960,s summer of love…..MAN. Then there is Robert and Pierre, there is always a Pierre isn,t there. In France I mean. Robert was a 

know it all but very helpful really. Two dutch girls from Maastricht entetained us with thier violin and guitar. We went through all of the koom-by-ah stuff. But cohen,s halleluah was a hit.

Even I sang-bass. A magical evening especially when sitting beside an Abby that is over 900 years old. Spine tingling .

Just before I arrived at my first rest area I had to climb up a steep hill that went up for about a kilometer at a 30 degree incline.  This after walking 24 kilometers. God treats pilgrims in mysterious ways I think.  I finally arrived at the hostel, and fell  on the cool tiled floor for about 30 minutes I think. All I wanted was a shower but the host dutch lady wouldnt let me have  one until I listened to her introdution – Dutch torture.

It,s amazing what goes through your mind when walking. You are only in the present-no past, no future, except for the next hill or valley. And in this heat? Hard. There was one moment when all I could think about was an ice cold pilsener. And what was really weird was I kept thinking I would come back in another life as a pint of ice cold pilsener. At the very least I thought I could give someone good company for a half hour so. Weird I know but that is what goes through your mind when your brains are being fried in 30 plus degrees heat.

Another magical evening. Pictures speak for themselves if I could only get this Ipad to work. It sucks. I am quitting for today. What should only take me 30 minutes to do takes almost 2 hours to do with this Ipad. I will correct later. Sorry for the typos:















6 thoughts on “Day Two and a Bit”

  1. John,

    Cecile and I have been quite enthralled with your journey so far. Cold beer must take on a whole new meaning in life.

    PS Agree with your comments on the beauty of Burgundy hope you get a chance to try some of their food specialities. In my opinion some of best food on the planet. Say a prayer for us along the way.

    Amities Gord

  2. That all sounds amazing! We are thinking of you all the time and wishing you all the best. Good to hear that you met all those people, sounds like a lot of fun!!! Cant wait to hear about the next leg of your journey! On te passe la beaute de la journèe! Titus and jeannie.

  3. Everything except the heat must be wonderful. You are showing great fortitude plowing through 30 to 40 degree heat. Would it help to start earlier in the morning and stop earlier. Do the hostels have climate control or do you also rest in a 30 degree bed 🙂

    Thanks for keeping us up to date in your journey.
    Ian and Rita

    1. Hey. No air anywhere. Cars have but it is never used. I start at 6am but stifling hot by 10.

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