Day 22: Limoges to Flavignac

Just as I thought, we had bit of a problem getting out of Limoges. Marked path was not well marked and we got lost for about 45 minutes. Not nice for a pilgrim. Finally, we found our way out of the maze and reconnected with the way or path. Then Gil decided we could take a more direct route. So we did and we ended up doing a few more kilometers than we had to to get to Flavignac, 29.8 kilometers. Again, once we were out of Limoges, we came across gorgeous scenery and – you know what I am going to say – lots of hills. Arrived at 1300 so we had to wait an hour before the “Marie” or City Hall opened. We found some shade or shadow, as the French call it, across the street, parked ourselves under some trees and fell asleep. Got up at 1400, got the key to the Refuge, showered and here I am – doing this at the local biblioteque.

Few pics:

I call this God,s tree. A massive oak.

A different looking church from what we have seen. All of the churches have been open. It is nice to rest inside as it is very cool

It was 34 C today. Tres chiaud for walking.








I can tell that we are getting further and further south as the light is changing. Getting very bright during the day.

Extremely tired today so shorter than normal. Gil will be company for one more day – to Coquille – then I will be on my own again. I am sure that I will meet up with someone again. Maybe Yannick and his girlfriend.

Here is an oldie but one song I have always liked – by the Rascals.

Have a nice day.

6 thoughts on “Day 22: Limoges to Flavignac”

  1. Darleen told me about this blog, so just took a quick read. Wow, quite the trip. Lots of time for reflection and introspective thoughts for sure ! It sounds like a wonderful adventure; and you certainly are meeting some interesting characters.

  2. Those photos are amazing! You are making us really want to go back to France! We are so thrilled to read about all the amazing people you have been meeting and are certain that you will make more friends during your next leg. Bonne chance, continuez avec un bon coeur fort! Jeannie and Titus.

  3. Well John you escaped the gargoyles, were any of them wearing burkas and shouting Aloha Snackbar – those would be the dangerous Hawaiian ones…..

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