Day 26: Sorges to Perigeux

Perigeux! Finally. I had dreams of Perigeux as well but unlike Limoges they were not nightmares.

Perigeux – two thirds finished. 600 kilometers completed or, for those piedometer freaks out there, that equates to about 660,000 steps. 300 kilometers to go, or 330,000  steps.

I can’t believe it!

Looking back there has been a multitude of experiences and many, many people I have met:

Robert from Leavan Belgium – encyclopedia man;

The girls from Maastricht. Violin and guitar players – great;

The nuns of the Vezelay Abbaye:when they sang they were like angels from heaven;

Humberta and the Dutch family at the L’Esprit le Chemin. Dutch torture;

Peter from Belgium – cue ball without a hat;

Jean Pierre from Paris- therapist;

Michael and Stepheny from Paris – the vapourizer;

Angelina fron Uzbekistan – an angel;

Boules man and wife at Premery- in love forever;

Crazy Dutchman at Premery- where is my cruise ship;

Bistro owners at Premery – Basquing in the sun;

Philip and Antonia from Dachau Germany – bonding;

Gunter from Dusseldorf; a 10 beer a day man;

Berry, the flying Dutchman

The Von Trappe Family from Normandy

Frederick, Dauphine and Bruno from Paris – wonderful charactures from Paris

Pascal, from Strasbourg

Samuel the philosophical Frenchman trapped in a Hell’s Angel’s body

Fabian at the Dognon – not Favio Dave – Fabian;

Yannick from Denmark – happy with his girlfriend here;

Michel from Belgium – the organic farmer;

Laurent- as in Saint Laurent;

Guy, the anorexic Pilgrim

Gill, the model mathematician – curses the gods of the Pilgrims

Bridgitte, the woman from Lyon -awesome!


As I am sure there are many more to come.

Another nice thing about this trip is that I haven’t watched television since leaving Canada 15 July. Doesn’t really matter as there is nothing on anyway.


8 thoughts on “Day 26: Sorges to Perigeux”

  1. John: Thats a lot of interesting people to have met. I love your bumper music by the way. Your almost there incredible.

  2. Two thirds of the way there that’s amazing. Thinking back on your first step I’m sure this point seemed almost unimaginable. Huge congrats John I am just so excited about your journey and I know this is something you will cherish the rest of your life. How are the boots? I’m assuming they are treating you well as you haven’t posted that I recall about problems with your feet. Good on you John keep on trucking.

    1. Thanks Ted. I have has some foot problems. Too lomg to say here. I,ll tell ya when I see ya…John

    2. Thanks Ted. I have has some foot problems. Too lomg to say here. I,ll tell ya when I see ya…John

  3. Congratulations on another amazing milestone!!!! We can’t wait to sit down with you and hear all your amazing stories when you return!!! Titus and I just got home from my cousin’s wedding in Kamloops. It was a fun filled weekend! Sending our love. Titus and Jeannie.

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