Day 31: St Ferme to Bassanne

I found wifi. Of course in a local cafe. Great beer.

I wonder if St Ferme lives up to its name!

Yup, it has. But, how can one complain about this when one can eat like this here:

                                                  Those two women were angels – and good cooks too. That guy there is Philippe from Luxumbourg. Just started walking with him. It is always best to be with someone on these trips, especially in the bush. If you break an ankle you will need some one there to help you.

The walk today was normal. 25 kilometers. Went fast as we talked almost the whole way. What about you may ask? Well stupid stuff really. What else can one talk about while walking on a 900 kilometer trip as we are all crazy to do this. I mean you have to be.

Look at this picture. Sunflowers on the right and wines to the left. All the major food groups in my diet at least. Love it.

Come to France they said……okay!

Song today? Well it is my grandchild’s birthday tomorrow. 5 months old. Love her. Ruby…

Pascal: I found wifi.


13 thoughts on “Day 31: St Ferme to Bassanne”

  1. The picture of the sunflowers makes me want to get back out there John. Just rough guess…how much of your trek has been along established roads as opposed to paths and trails. Just curious. Weather may be hot but I’m thinking it’s better than walking in the rain every day.

    1. About 50/50 path to roads. Maybe a bit higher path percentage. Leave very early in the mornimg so only have to endure high temps for 2-3 hours…John

  2. Looks amazing!!!! Happy you have a companion for awhile…
    Keep trekking and smiling 🙂 🙂

  3. Looks amazing!!!! Happy you have a companion for awhile…
    Keep trekking and smiling 🙂 🙂
    Happy 5 months Ruby!!!

  4. What a great day John! We are sure jealous of all the amazing meals you have been having! Tomorrow we are heading out to the Saanich fair for a highland dance competition. The last real weekend of summer until Jeannie has to go back to work. Keep on trucking! We are so proud of you. Titus and Jeannie.

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