Day 32: Bassanne to Bazas

24 kilometers done. Cool early morning followed by heat late morning, early afternoon. Landscape has changes from lush vineyards to scrubgrass. Hot and dry. We appear to be following a valley but the higher hills seem to have flattened out and are way off in the distance. A wide open plain that is boringly unattractive. But hey, I am not complaining one bit. Reminds me of that barren stretch of scenery between Ottawa and Toronto along highway 7. Just about lunchtime we passed what appeared to be a flying club. Just by chance we walked up to the clubhouse wondering if anyone was there. It turned out there was a guy there who had been to Canada on a flying holiday. And, they had a well stocked bar with very cold beer. My walking companion and I eyed the beer and were able to buy two ice cold 1664s. Arrived in Bazas around 1400. Bazas is a cathedral town. Beautiful. Here come da Judge….Peter His name is Peter and he is a retired judge from Ghent, Belgium. He is also crazy. You meet all kinds of characters out here. He kept talking about running out of water. Hates religion and tells me Lourdes is a big scam. He is a lawyer and a judge so he must be crazy. Probably hit himself over the head with the gavel one too many times. That,s the judge on the right.
Staying at a retired couple’s place in their home in Bazas.  They volunteer to provide shelter and food to Pilgrims like me. Unbelievable hospitality for strangers but that is the Compostelle way. I wonder if they would do the same in Canada. Great. Dinner! Four courses. Another wonderful evening.   Another Badfinger classic. Peter Hamm, the guy second from the right killed himself at the age of 27 because the band’s American manager ripped them off to the point that they could not even pay the rent. His writing partner, the guy with the black hair, Evans, killed himself a few years later for the same reason. World famous but broke. Hamm blamed himself for the band,s financial state of affairs.

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