Post Script: The End

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The end of this Pilgrimage is just the beginning of the rest of my life. Thank you. To all of you who made this Pilgrimage so special:

Robert from Leavan; Vezelay Abby Brothers and Sisters; Peter from Belgium; Jean Pierre, Michel and Stephanie; Johan from North Holland; Gill, the anorexic pilgrim; Philippe and Antonia from Dachau; Berry the flying Dutchman, the Von Trappiste Family; Orion, the hippy Frenchman; Frederick, Dauphine and Bruno; Angelique from Uzbekistan; Premerly Bistro Staff; the old man and his wife at the Premerly Campsite; Gill the model mathematician; Laurent; Philippe from Luxumbourg; Anne Marie and Rejean from Paris; town of Flavignac; Peter the Judge from Ghent; Lisandra and Rewanda from the Netherlands; Arek from Poland; Marcus and his dog; and all of the staffs at the various pilgrim hostels I stayed at; Murial from Mount Marsan, Gilbert and his wife from Bazas; Samuel the French Philosopher who is trapped in a bikers’ body; Pascal from Strasbourg; Guy, the other French anorexic pilgrim; Gunter from Dussuldorf; Yannick and Michel – I hope you find your course in life – thanks to all of you for making this journey so memorable for me.


Goodbye Marijke

Thank you for those wonderful days you gave me.

I will always love you. I will never forget you.

And to you:

Michael and Mark, Danielle, Ruby, Jeannie and PJ, Brad, Laura, their kids – this Pilgrimage is dedicated to all of you…and of course Sid.

And to all my friends for your support, especially Ted, Marg, Pascal and Ruth.

Thank you for the days:


Off to Lourdes. This is personal. No more posts. I hope you enjoyed the journey with me. Thanks for your comments and support. It really helped me out. Marg, I still have that emulate you gave me before I left. I carried it throughout.

To my Swiss Friends – looking forward to seeing you soon.

And may all your life pilgrimages be happy ones with no suffering whatsoever.

20 thoughts on “Post Script: The End”

  1. Dad, on behalf on everyone here who loves you in Victoria, just want to say that it is super amazing what you have done. We are so proud of you! Can’t wait to hear about everything when you get back home. I know mom has been with you the entire journey and she is so happy. Love you so much pops. Titus, pj, Jeannie, sid, mark, dani, ruby, brad, Laura and the kids.

  2. What an amazing journey! I’m looking forward to hearing more about the people you met! Happy you have the emulate… hope it keeps you safe for the rest of your trip!We’re so proud of what you have accomplished.. We will not forget Marijke ❤️ Take care!!💕

  3. Thanks so much for letting us come along on your journey. What a gift to share your insights and experiences.
    Best wishes at Lourdes. May you find peace, grace and love there.

  4. ShakeyJay…you did it…you did it..Jiohn, I sound like a broken record but I am so damn proud of you, to think of what you is truly an amazing feat…and as much as you try you will never be able to fully explain the impact that it has had on you. I hope you enjoy some quiet reflection in the cathedral in Compostela, and I hope you get to see the buotofermo in action. Remember what I said at the end of my video on the Camino…I said to Taylor ” I guess my journey is almost Over” to which she replied, wisely ” or maybe Dad it’s just begun “. I truly feel that is where you are at John. so damn thrilled for you and anxious to hear all about your journey face to face when you return. Enjoy Lourdes.

  5. Bravo Zulu! And following Robs comment, now you can “rest on your oars” after this long, hard pull against the elements and the constant “Ferme” of France. Looking forward to meeting at Tim’s, the coffee is on me – I’ll even throw in a donut….

  6. Hi John,
    Tried to call your Czech number but I didn’t succeed.
    Cheers and speak to you soon,

  7. Hello John,

    It took some time, but finally Tony and I found you, on the internet at least.
    Beer from plastic cups in Nevers – what a pleasant memory.

    Antonia and Philipp

    1. That was warm beer Phil. Great that you found me. I have sent you an email…John (aka Shakeyjay)

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